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16 days past ovulation

MorningSky  6 days ago
Very fatigued. Lower back ache. Slight headache. Slight pressure and pain in the uterine area. We shall see what happens.


Lysssomp  12 weeks ago
16dpo mild cramping in and off, feels like pinching and pressure, tender breasts. Happy, lots of gassy pressure, lower back ache,


Nickie2018  3 months ago
Really hungry, one of the boys at work had a meat pie and I swear it smelled like BO.




genevieve shelton  5 months ago
Been crampy in ons off for last week period was supposed to come jan30. Still hasn't back ache for three days.


member_271152  6 months ago
Breast tenderness and a little increased in size. Pinching n pulling sensation in lower abdomen.


AJttc513  6 months ago
Sore nipples


Shanuy81  7 months ago
No sypmtoms entire cycle now 2 days late


Shanuy81  7 months ago
Nothing....i feel nothing this cycle


Amyskinn123456  8 months ago
Missed period! 2 days late so far. Painful breasts, lots of gas, very tired very early the wide awake at 5am!!


MidnightMystery  9 months ago
lower back pains, leg pains, boobs seem fine no pain, woke up hungry in the night.


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