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13 days past ovulation

Silviap  4 days ago
Sensitive niples, sore boobs and underarm boobs:),little nausea in this morning, backache since 9dpo, bfp , line getting darker


Aeddins18  22 days ago


Aeddins18  23 days ago
Pinching and cramping almost like period but since 10dpo. Heartburn, nausea, lightheaded. Too scared to test bc bfn at 12dpo.




wallaceemily99  33 days ago
Very dull cramps in pelvis and lower back, sore nipples, been waking up really early a lot, a little nausea, sen. smell, emotional, on edge


Psalm29  41 days ago
Tingly boobs, a little tired, but generally felt good... got BFP!!


Eliana1102  12 weeks ago
Cramping and pulling and tagging sensation and spasms light bleeding took a Hpt and BFN


MrsUgo  3 months ago
Af due today, sore and tender breast. Light cramping, spotting in the early hour of morning.


Mama_kat  4 months ago
12dpo heart burn anyone


Francobaby90  4 months ago
Breast tenderness, frequent urination, lower back pain, light cramping, af due today however nothing yet. Negative hpt :(


peonies2107  5 months ago
13dpo, breasts are a little sensitive, some cm/feels wet. Less symptoms than previous cycles..


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