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13 days past ovulation

Himashi  12 days ago
Sore nipples, abdominal cramps, frequent urination,faint line bfp today.


MamaKesi  37 days ago
Post nasal drip for past week. Some days better than others but it’s constantly there. Boobs so sore they wake me up. Nipps sensitive, tired


kdraine7  7 weeks ago
Very full feelin, I had very light pink cm yesterday morning when I wiped and nothing since then. Increased sex drive.bfn yesterday morning




Baby2phyne  8 weeks ago
All symptoms disappeared =/


aikencdy  8 weeks ago
bloated irritable stomach.


aikencdy  8 weeks ago
Its sudden vanish the PMS symptoms.


Portia311   9 weeks ago
Been sick since 2dpo. A cold I guess. Still not many symptoms just mind cramping and moody. Bfp a few days in a row


Orion89  10 weeks ago
Saw throat, breasts feel heavier & tender to touch


27baby  11 weeks ago
I were to doc --no flu, no strep, scratchy throat on and off with sniffles for about 6 days


27baby  11 weeks ago
I read cold symptoms and out reads more common in early pregnancy as stress and hormonal changes happen --


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