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14 days past ovulation

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bnmouw  4 years ago
Tired, had cramping on/Off the last few days, waves of nausea, tested about an hour ago and got a bfn. I'm going to try again in the morn


Twinmama14  4 years ago
Crampy all day. Low appetite. Feeling nauseous. Back ache. Cervix really high that i cant reach it. CM creamy/clear. No spotting yet.


Twinmama14  4 years ago
Crampy like AF is coming. Low appetite all day along with felling




Burn2Ash  4 years ago
Tired, achy back, headache, sore bbs, cervix high, AF due tomorrow but no spotting yet. Ugh.


Sameeksha  4 years ago
Brown discharge


Babyguli  4 years ago
pulling sensation on my belly button and fatigue one day late


KayKay21  4 years ago
Ocassional Brown discharge


KayKay21  4 years ago
Ocassional Brown discharge


Mamitia  4 years ago
sore boobies, pressure, burning sensation in lower abdomen. HUNGRY


Mommytobe200214  4 years ago
I feel my period is gonna start, lower abdomen feels heavy & bloated, constipated & have mild lower back pain & slight cramps


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