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14 days past ovulation

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KayKay21  2 years ago
Ocassional Brown discharge


KayKay21  2 years ago
Ocassional Brown discharge


Mamitia  2 years ago
sore boobies, pressure, burning sensation in lower abdomen. HUNGRY




Mommytobe200214  2 years ago
I feel my period is gonna start, lower abdomen feels heavy & bloated, constipated & have mild lower back pain & slight cramps


MamaGamer86  2 years ago
Hungry, moody. Bloated, constipated. Sore tatas! 14 DPO and AF was due, but I got a BFP


Vanessaway4373  2 years ago
14dpo feeling nausea and bloating fatigue af due to come tomorrow took pt today got a bfn!! Will wait til tomorrow


Pcosmuma  2 years ago
Tired moody hungry boobs hurt bloated


kcolomes  2 years ago
I'm 2 days late but I feel like period is going to start not going to test, don't want another bfn:(


smstiah  2 years ago
Mild cramp..


Bonnie TTC  2 years ago
Today I'm tired, muscles hurt easily, everything stinks, taste buds loco and blood counts wacky


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