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9 days past ovulation

Leilanii96  16 days ago
Super dry mouth, boobs feel kinda sensitive no nipple sensitivity at all, little cramping off and on, sore throat.


WishUponAStar95  38 days ago
Cold like symptoms . Feel warm - no temperature. A little bloat .


Ayosky  41 days ago
Metallic taste and sensitive nipples




JessBirnbaum  11 weeks ago
Light tingling (bubbly feeling) in uterus, every sore boobs and slight nausea. Egg white CM.


LaPortia  7 months ago
Nauseated, back pain is on 10, fatigue, and appetite went up.


Francobaby90  10 months ago
Felt bubbles popping in uterus area, light pink spotting very little, sore sensitive uterus like weird stretch sensation.


MAYBEBABY456  12 months ago
Horrendously painful boobs - I haven’t slept properly for 3 nights because of them


Mrsfurge713  12 months ago
Sore boobs with sensitive nipples. Twinges like a mf and I've never felt those before. Possible vvvfl this morning.


From324  12 months ago
@tasmin did you test?


Tasmin13  12 months ago
Twinges,Cramps, a warm burning feeling in uterus back ache, Brown spotting Feeling dizzy with head ache


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