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9 days past ovulation

Metal_Yuri  5 months ago


Metal_Yuri  5 months ago
Faint pos again 9 dpo after blighted ovum Feels like period might start, headache pings, hungry, boobs slightly sore, vagina feels bruised.


Metal_Yuri  7 months ago
Not to mention.. had an orgasm in my sleep, woke up to it.. another sign since I didn't feel aroused before bed, guess blood flow increase




Metal_Yuri  7 months ago
Last cycle chemical, nauseous today eating sushi, craved chocolate, breast slightly sore, no cm, tired & got a vf bfp today! Pic On Profile!


KClive  8 months ago
Sore boobs, moody. Faint positive this evening


Nursemama3113  8 months ago
Tender breasts, stuffy nose, I "feel" pregnant... Faint positive today


KClive  9 months ago
Extreme nausea and ovary pain


Onedaymomma  11 months ago
Slight cramp on the left side that comes and goes. Breasts are a little enlarged.


BennettFamilyTTC  1 year ago
I feel like I’m hungover with lots of cramping and painful boobs. (BFN today)


Marieua  1 year ago
I feel period like cramps


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