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9 days past ovulation

Sugarmom341  3 days ago
Tender breasts, slight backache. Waiting to af is late to test. 6 days to go.


Mememe32  31 days ago
Yesterday all symptoms disappeared and dip in bbt then this morn AF type cramp ..bbs are HUGE at side's and hurt ..vivid dream of preg


machatwell  9 weeks ago
Woke up feeling like a zombie! The fatigue is real. Nipples have been sore for 3 days.




Queenofkings05  10 weeks ago
Vivid dreams every night for the past week. Boobs are very full and heavy, nipples still sensitive.


mizzluvly210  3 months ago
Got BFP today at 9dpo


mizzluvly210  3 months ago
Lower backaches, vivid dreams, milky discharge (cm), pulling and sharp pains from left ovary to uterus. No sore breast, no ib


Shellycameron  3 months ago
Had a strong pinching stabbing pains lower abdomen never had that before


Seriouslyfnny  4 months ago
Absolutely exhausted even after lots of sleep. Sore joints.


cierraclarke  4 months ago
Breasts sorer than yesterday, has gone from just nipple sensitive to full sore breasts.


KaylaStarMucha  4 months ago
No different then 8dpo. Dull cramps, sensitive nipples, legs were about last night I'm bloated..


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