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8 days past ovulation

ashley_mom2011  12 weeks ago
Well now my boobs are starting to hurt. Nauseous all day.


ashley_mom2011  12 weeks ago
No signs of pregnancy at all. I’m frustrated. Usually when pregnant I get sore boobs. However, I am kind if cramping and hungry as heck.


Em1895  1 year ago
Pain on each side of pelvis, zero CM since 1dpo, boobs feel horrible.




Em1895  1 year ago
Did not get my usual yellow ewcm that usually appears around 7dpo. Circulation poor today, body is kind of sore. Sensitive to caffeine.


Catheline  1 year ago
Saw spotting at 6 dpo im now a 8 dpo not experiencing much i hope im pregnant


Justjoceyy  2 years ago
Felt weird bubbly pulling sensation since 6 dpo want to test tomorrow at 9dpo but trying to hold off til 12 dpo


dec9191  2 years ago
No symptoms.


JessBirnbaum  2 years ago
Light cramping near my hips, bloating and so much fatigue!


mom2be5  2 years ago
Very fatigue these last few days, had a very faint positive this morning...this could be the reason!????????


Mssafford  2 years ago
Pain in uterus after I sneezed. Grouchy, couldnt sleep last night. Stuffy nose, sneezing. Breast tenderness since yesterday . Weepy. Anxiety


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