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8 days past ovulation

charityferrusca13  4 days ago
overly tired, having insomnia, edgy, moody, hungry but then again not hungry.


OhBoyOrGirl  7 weeks ago
Gassy, very wet cm & heartburn(strange feeling on my right side can't explain it. Never had b4)bad legaches &mild cramps or cervix pain 8dpo


familyof5plz  7 weeks ago
I am not having any symptoms. I have quite a bit of creamy CM. My last pregnancy, I only had sore BB @ 20dpo. No signs can be a good signs!




EmmaD781  8 weeks ago
Right now ai am bloated and have cramps.mas in yhe cramps nrver left since my O.


Davibullerman  8 weeks ago
Insane amount of gas and indigestion


Bellasmum  8 weeks ago
Sore breast, nausea, headache and fatique


kreep13  8 weeks ago
I usually don't feel like this until a day before or on my period so who knows..


kreep13  8 weeks ago
Took a nap, could sleep all day. Sore boobs and now af cramps. Week til af..


KaylaStarMucha  9 weeks ago
Very tired, sensitive nipples, and oddly increased appetite, insomnia, low energy level, bloating, gas.


Divakt  9 weeks ago
Headache, slight cramping


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