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8 days past ovulation

Ambernr1  13 days ago
Increased CM, heavy tender breasts and horribly sore nipples. I’ve been super clumsy lately, tripping over my own feet, so random issues..


Madiema07  20 days ago
Slight dip noted in bbt chart which were accompanied by dull cramping yesterday (hoping for implantation) sore nips other than that perfect!


babyfever1202  23 days ago
Mild/dull cramping, tender boobs, nausea off and on, TIRED... and today very weepy, can cry super easy!




ashpay8915  7 weeks ago
Full/heavy pulse! Tested positive two days later.


Marieua  9 weeks ago
I feel heaviness in my lower abdomen. Slight soreness in my boobs


Andnsammy  10 weeks ago
Fatigue! I’m so exhausted.


MrsAnderson  10 weeks ago
Very mild to moderate pressure in cervical area. Its more annoying than painful.


Tasmin13  11 weeks ago
Slight cramping, twinges, pulling sensation in uterus & groin. Feeling dizzy


lisaharris  11 weeks ago
Dull cramps that mimic AF off & on all day, a little spotting, boobs are feeling heavy, slight headache.


Jessica169  3 months ago
Tender breast on the sides, Mild cramping since 3 DPO a lot of pinching feelings on my right side , Very thirsty since 7 DPO


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