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8 days past ovulation

Honibay09  8 days ago
Still sharp pains in both breast off and on, moody as all get out, & nausea this AM I’m 8DPO


Mummabear3  30 days ago
Tired but not sure if thats cos the heat and not sleeping well last night Pain underneath belly button and super bloated


charityferrusca13  9 weeks ago
overly tired, having insomnia, edgy, moody, hungry but then again not hungry.




OhBoyOrGirl  4 months ago
Gassy, very wet cm & heartburn(strange feeling on my right side can't explain it. Never had b4)bad legaches &mild cramps or cervix pain 8dpo


familyof5plz  4 months ago
I am not having any symptoms. I have quite a bit of creamy CM. My last pregnancy, I only had sore BB @ 20dpo. No signs can be a good signs!


EmmaD781  4 months ago
Right now ai am bloated and have cramps.mas in yhe cramps nrver left since my O.


Davibullerman  4 months ago
Insane amount of gas and indigestion


Bellasmum  4 months ago
Sore breast, nausea, headache and fatique


kreep13  4 months ago
I usually don't feel like this until a day before or on my period so who knows..


kreep13  4 months ago
Took a nap, could sleep all day. Sore boobs and now af cramps. Week til af..


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