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8 days past ovulation

Metal_Yuri  5 months ago
Had a blighted ovum last cycle, hungry again, soap taste in mouth? Passed out earlier, some pressure pains but no cramps. Slight sex drive


Metal_Yuri  7 months ago
Dreams, sore breasts, hungry.


Metal_Yuri  8 months ago
Sharp pinch in uterus and dull pressure for hours, hungry, feels like period pains not cramps just sore Gassy, sore back of thighs, sleepy




KClive  8 months ago
Achy hips


BennettFamilyTTC  1 year ago
Tender boobs, dull cramping all day, but lightheaded with episodes of hot flashes.


Lothyloo  1 year ago
Boobs are very sore!


sanniepie_80  1 year ago
no symptoms took pregnancy test and it was negative


ashley_mom2011  2 years ago
Well now my boobs are starting to hurt. Nauseous all day.


ashley_mom2011  2 years ago
No signs of pregnancy at all. I’m frustrated. Usually when pregnant I get sore boobs. However, I am kind if cramping and hungry as heck.


Em1895  3 years ago
Pain on each side of pelvis, zero CM since 1dpo, boobs feel horrible.


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