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8 days past ovulation

AGamersWife  18 days ago
blah really tired and just feeling like im out but also more cm in underwear. And cm dried as a brownish color. praying its implantation spot


genevieve shelton  27 days ago
bbs sore, bloated, not much else


peonies2107  12 weeks ago
Very mild symptoms, nothing really bothering me but: sore breasts, bloated, and more cm than usual (in my underwear)




peonies2107  12 weeks ago
Nothing to report today. Feeling good and energetic. I was pretty lazy last night..


crosso  3 months ago
Back aches, mild leg cramps I hip and thighs, also super emotional.


MrsMac86  6 months ago
On and off sharp pains through right nipple, sensitive breasts. Very tired and vivid dreams.


Ambernr1  8 months ago
Increased CM, heavy tender breasts and horribly sore nipples. I’ve been super clumsy lately, tripping over my own feet, so random issues..


Madiema07  8 months ago
Slight dip noted in bbt chart which were accompanied by dull cramping yesterday (hoping for implantation) sore nips other than that perfect!


babyfever1202  8 months ago
Mild/dull cramping, tender boobs, nausea off and on, TIRED... and today very weepy, can cry super easy!


ashpay8915  9 months ago
Full/heavy pulse! Tested positive two days later.


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