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11 days past ovulation

Libbyyy  10 weeks ago
Currently 5w+2. Going back and logging a few symptoms in case it’s helpful to others. Spotting.


Kayla33  4 months ago
Tender boobs and sore nipples for the last two days but negative tests on 10dpo :( wanna be positive but I'm not hopeful xx


newfiechic  9 months ago
Insomnia, increased urination, nausea/lack of appetite, fatigue. 3 brands of tests today. Wondfo, EasyHome, and Dollarama and all shadows.




Ladychey123  1 year ago
11dpo: stabbing pain with my breasts, cramps, backaches. BFN today.. waiting for 4/30/22 to take next one.


Tasmin13  1 year ago
Got a faint BFP yesterday, metallic taste in my mouth, a little nauseous, itchy nipples, mild cramping and back ache


Catson  2 years ago
Sore boobs and nipples. Feels achy without touching them. If they get bumped it hurts! Last 8 days!


ZzyzxBehgas  2 years ago
11 dpo sore stabbing boobs, stabbing pelvic pain, sweating like crazy bfn. If I’m not pregnant than I’m dying ????


XTyna90  2 years ago
Tender breasts, cramps. BFP


Justjoceyy  2 years ago
11dpo nausea, fatigue, instead of insomnia waking up extra early. Period may start today since previous 2 cycles were 25 days. BFN


MrsMac86  2 years ago
Got my BFP in late evening. Lots of sticky/cream discharge. Sore breasts, loose bowels and very gassy


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