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11 days past ovulation

Queenofkings05  7 days ago
Dull cramps, bloated abdomen, sore nipples that are larger and now darker in color, heavy full breasts, increased appetite, weepy.


Vijisha  23 days ago
Head ache dry mouth intense cramp on left side of stomach


RhiJ86  23 days ago
Boobs tender, nipples tender and sensitive. Butterfly feeling in stomach and crotch.




Coken2018  29 days ago
Mild nausea, headache, dry mouth, metal taste in mouth, sharp cramping left side only, frequent bm, heavy girls on my chest, moody, bachache


MamaKesi  39 days ago
Fatigue, very tender and swollen breasts, very sensitive nipples, watery Cm, twinges on left, pulling inside belly button, constipation.


Beaut1ful38  41 days ago
11dpo- Dizzy/lightheaded sometimes, hungry more,and mild dull cramps, pinching on left side. —BFP 10dpo and today PREGNANT on digital!!


OhBoyOrGirl  7 weeks ago
Tired, moody, needle stabbing feeling only on right nipple, headache legs back aches are back. Stuffy nose, boobs look bigger, very wet cm.


kmatla2014  7 weeks ago
feeling nauseous, tired/exhausted, dizzy and lightheaded, muscles are achy and sore, feeling restless and have had waves of metallic taste


rachnashrm  8 weeks ago
frequent urine , cramps , heartburn, tired and sleepy


aikencdy  9 weeks ago
Noticeable pain in my left lower pelvic, wet cm and sudden drop of my immune system, swollen lymph node in my neck


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