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11 days past ovulation

Anesakim  7 days ago
11dpo horrible cramping alot of gas


AGamersWife  15 days ago
Feeling like bubbles in my abdomen. Spottin last two days gonna test in a week


Aeddins18  25 days ago
Also feel like it's too late to get a bfp so idk




Aeddins18  25 days ago
Feeling strange today. Vvvvvvvvfl maybe an indent in less than 3 mins idk. Tickling feeling in uterus. Nausea. Just not feeling good.


TheKatie  32 days ago
Frequent urination, tender breasts, good mood, acne breakouts, lightheaded, tired, ovary pain.


member_314230  6 weeks ago
Forgot to note I’ve been super light headed lately


member_314230  6 weeks ago
DRY MOUTH, weird taste. Yuck. Can’t seem to drink enough.


member_314230  6 weeks ago
Still cramping every day since O. Exhausted, hip/lower back pains, nips slightly more sensitive, occasional pain in right side if related?


Muna-ali66  8 weeks ago
Hot flashes, creamy CM, Mild cramps, sore breasts and tingley feeling in the stomach.


Strath_lass  10 weeks ago
Headache, sore boobs, so hungry all the time and cramps but not as harsh as AF


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