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11 days past ovulation

Justjoceyy  7 weeks ago
11dpo nausea, fatigue, instead of insomnia waking up extra early. Period may start today since previous 2 cycles were 25 days. BFN


MrsMac86  7 weeks ago
Got my BFP in late evening. Lots of sticky/cream discharge. Sore breasts, loose bowels and very gassy


dec9191  10 weeks ago
11dpo no symptoms , no pms symptoms. Toook a HPT was (-)




Mommyof3Blessings  6 months ago
I woke up this morning with really sore boobs. They almost feel heavy and burn a bit.


Aeddins18  9 months ago
At this point, I think I ovulated late. Usually sore boobs 1dpo, but they're just now sore today at 11 dpo. Feel like I'm getting sick.


miracle77  11 months ago
Excrutiating back pain, leg pain, burning boobs. BFN. This is the worst PMS ever


miracle77  52 weeks ago
craving salt


member_262186  1 year ago
Sore breasts, tingly nipples, pulling/pinching in pelvic area, waves of nausea, brown discharge mixed w/ cervical, tired, chalky taste


Kiramommy91  1 year ago
Constant burping, pulling pinching near belly button,bloated,extreme fatigue af due tomorrow


member_262186  1 year ago
My breasts and nipples are a little sore, water CM, LOTS of cervix pain / pressure. AF due tomorrow. No signs it's be here. BFN. ????


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