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11 days past ovulation

ZzyzxBehgas  3 months ago
11 dpo sore stabbing boobs, stabbing pelvic pain, sweating like crazy bfn. If I’m not pregnant than I’m dying ????


XTyna90  4 months ago
Tender breasts, cramps. BFP


Justjoceyy  6 months ago
11dpo nausea, fatigue, instead of insomnia waking up extra early. Period may start today since previous 2 cycles were 25 days. BFN




MrsMac86  6 months ago
Got my BFP in late evening. Lots of sticky/cream discharge. Sore breasts, loose bowels and very gassy


dec9191  7 months ago
11dpo no symptoms , no pms symptoms. Toook a HPT was (-)


Mommyof3Blessings  11 months ago
I woke up this morning with really sore boobs. They almost feel heavy and burn a bit.


Em1895  1 year ago
At this point, I think I ovulated late. Usually sore boobs 1dpo, but they're just now sore today at 11 dpo. Feel like I'm getting sick.


miracle77  1 year ago
Excrutiating back pain, leg pain, burning boobs. BFN. This is the worst PMS ever


miracle77  1 year ago
craving salt


member_262186  1 year ago
Sore breasts, tingly nipples, pulling/pinching in pelvic area, waves of nausea, brown discharge mixed w/ cervical, tired, chalky taste


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