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11 days past ovulation

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member_314230  2 years ago
Forgot to note I’ve been super light headed lately


member_314230  2 years ago
DRY MOUTH, weird taste. Yuck. Can’t seem to drink enough.


member_314230  2 years ago
Still cramping every day since O. Exhausted, hip/lower back pains, nips slightly more sensitive, occasional pain in right side if related?




Muna-ali66  2 years ago
Hot flashes, creamy CM, Mild cramps, sore breasts and tingley feeling in the stomach.


Strath_lass  2 years ago
Headache, sore boobs, so hungry all the time and cramps but not as harsh as AF


MrsMac86  3 years ago
Either 10/11dpo and got my bfp this morning!! Very sore boobs and especially my nipples! Dry mouth, constant thirsty, bad gas! So happy ????


Babybaby2019  3 years ago
Nauseous, boobs sore, very hungry. Tightness/fullness in pelvic region. Very sleepy, lots of EWCM accompanied by pink and brown spotting.


nasamama  3 years ago
Nauseated, constipation/diarrhea, Increased Sense of Smell, and dull cramps.


MrsMac86  3 years ago
Gassy, bloated, constipation, sore nipples, breast tenderness, heavy/full feeling, vivid dreams, dull feeling below


crelmquist  3 years ago
Woke up with a nauseous feeling, and later on had cramping and dull pinching on my right side.


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