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11 days past ovulation

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FatttyDevine  9 months ago
Gassy, Bloating, Constipation, Twinges, Breast tenderness, Sore nipples, Vivid dreams, Heaviness/fullness, Low back pain, Dull cramp, Pullin


Jessicalea03  9 months ago
Sick to my stomach, exhausted, sore breast and have felt pressure and sore muscles in pelvis.


MrsMac86  9 months ago
Very sore boobs this morning, lots of creamy lotion cm. very tired and a little cramping.




OhBoyOrGirl  11 months ago
Gassy, horny, stretchy ewcm very wet creamy white cm mix different! Side boobs sore. Bad vivid dreams


masdenueve  12 months ago
sore breasts, very hungry, fever, swelling, I feel embaradaza but 11 dpo negative test :(


Desirea  1 year ago
Tested this morning with a digital test and "not pregnant". But feeling tired and heartburn (never had heartburn before)


Only165398  1 year ago
Heartburn. Which Never happens to me.


BrittM91  1 year ago
I am 11dpo and just have not felt same since 1dpo and normally I am alright. Had a dream about positive preg test and that happened with dd


Tasmin13  1 year ago
I think I got a very faint positive today, cramps, twinges, hot flushes,


Sean's wife  1 year ago
Heavy boobs craving mild cramps


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