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11 days past ovulation

bj2019  7 days ago
My breasts and nipples are a little sore, water CM, LOTS of cervix pain / pressure. AF due tomorrow. No signs it's be here. BFN. ????


Nikkiknit  16 days ago
Sore bobs (getting worse), lots of mild cramps and cm, fingers crossed


AGamersWife  17 days ago
Tenders boobs, a little tired. But maybe that's my sleep schedule. Praying for a bfp in 3 days if af doesn't show




Aeddins18  18 days ago
Possible faint line, maybe indent? Felt stron pulsing in my uterus this AM, feeling slight cramps ever since. Stomach growing alot. No cm.


Anesakim  32 days ago
11dpo horrible cramping alot of gas


AGamersWife  40 days ago
Feeling like bubbles in my abdomen. Spottin last two days gonna test in a week


Aeddins18  7 weeks ago
Also feel like it's too late to get a bfp so idk


Aeddins18  7 weeks ago
Feeling strange today. Vvvvvvvvfl maybe an indent in less than 3 mins idk. Tickling feeling in uterus. Nausea. Just not feeling good.


TheKatie  8 weeks ago
Frequent urination, tender breasts, good mood, acne breakouts, lightheaded, tired, ovary pain.


member_314230  10 weeks ago
Forgot to note I’ve been super light headed lately


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