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12 days past ovulation

Mommy_Of3BeanieZ  10 weeks ago
Just gassy(sorry) but very very gassy.. I’m expecting my AF any day because my tubes have been tied for 5 years and I’ve never missed AF


shanta77  11 weeks ago
Extreme lower back pain..is that even a symptom?


peonies2107  11 weeks ago
Breasts sore, itchy, tingling




peonies2107  11 weeks ago
Still have sore bbs at 12dpo, but seems less than yesterday. Not really any other symptom than that :/


MrsMac86  4 months ago
Woke up with very sensitive breasts, dark nipples! vivid dreams, heartburn, runny nose, constipation, dull heavy feeling


OhBoyOrGirl  6 months ago
Side boobs tender. Cervix rised super high, watery cm. AF supposed to start tomorrow/next day..


Only165398  10 months ago
Got a positive on the 80¢ strips you order online, but don't have any of the common symptoms. Only symptoms is one of my nipples is sore?


Tasmin13  10 months ago
My breasts look and feel fuller, cramps all morning, twinges, feeling dizzy, hot flushes


MissySharon  11 months ago
Cramp and pulling. Had spotting yesterday and the day before. Eating a lot. Not feeling happy or sad I know my period is coming.


Mememe32  52 weeks ago
No cm at all cx high med/soft closed temp drop yest so low 36.92 so AF should be here. .no spots feel happy ..come on AF


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