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12 days past ovulation

Ladychey123  3 months ago
12dpo: slight headache, increased appetite, stabbing pain in my breasts, pulling on the left side of my abdomen


Tasmin13  7 months ago
Another Bfp, mild cramping, back ache, achey hips, sore boobs


Jessiebelle401  1 year ago
Feeling tired, CM, pinching on the left side, tested negative at 12DPO ????




Jenny6661  1 year ago
I’m backed up, bbs tender, bloated


Shyloveskai  1 year ago
I am 12 dpo 100% pregnant and I was so ragey and irritable. According to this chart that’s a AF symptom. I did feel happy 10&11 dpo though.


Justjoceyy  1 year ago
According to last two cycles I’m 1 day late but app is predicting af to come in 2 more days. We’ll see. No many symptoms negative hpt.


MrsMac86  1 year ago
Tested again in morning and afternoon and again BFP! Sore breasts/nipples, got a lot of clear discharge with a little pink. Indigestion!


dec9191  2 years ago
Don’t feel anything 12dpo. No pms signs no preg signs


BroxiBlu  2 years ago
Sharp shooting pain in left lower abdomen, period due tomorrow, not had this before af...time will tell!


Lcoquelle  2 years ago
Slight nausea the past couple of days but it's extreme this morning. Other symptoms too but so far only BFNs!


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