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12 days past ovulation

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MrsMc2019  8 months ago
Boobs feel like they’ve been punched. I’m peeing for Scotland and flushing hot and cold. Feeling rubbish today but can’t pinpoint it exactly


Kaey2288  9 months ago
Kinda crampy, mildly sensitive breasts, but mood wise pretty good


Mommy_Of3BeanieZ  52 weeks ago
Just gassy(sorry) but very very gassy.. I’m expecting my AF any day because my tubes have been tied for 5 years and I’ve never missed AF




shanta77  1 year ago
Extreme lower back pain..is that even a symptom?


peonies2107  1 year ago
Breasts sore, itchy, tingling


peonies2107  1 year ago
Still have sore bbs at 12dpo, but seems less than yesterday. Not really any other symptom than that :/


MrsMac86  1 year ago
Woke up with very sensitive breasts, dark nipples! vivid dreams, heartburn, runny nose, constipation, dull heavy feeling


OhBoyOrGirl  1 year ago
Side boobs tender. Cervix rised super high, watery cm. AF supposed to start tomorrow/next day..


Only165398  1 year ago
Got a positive on the 80¢ strips you order online, but don't have any of the common symptoms. Only symptoms is one of my nipples is sore?


Tasmin13  1 year ago
My breasts look and feel fuller, cramps all morning, twinges, feeling dizzy, hot flushes


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