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12 days past ovulation

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miracle77  1 year ago
craving salt, i could literally lick it off the palm of my hand


AGamersWife  1 year ago
for a bfp, and af to stay away sticky vibes


AGamersWife  1 year ago
felt sharp pains like round ligament pains. feeling sick/ need to throw up. boobs hurt every once in a while. af due on the 5th praying fo




member_58252  1 year ago
headaches. tender bbs ……… gas cramps and burping


prettyflower34  1 year ago
Heaviness, left ovary pain, frequent bathroom trips. 3 negative test between 10 and 11 dpo. I know there's no chance. Af due in two days.


Simmo081  1 year ago
Feels like Ive done a million situps


AGamersWife  1 year ago
Cramps on and off since the 6th or 7th this month had spottting 7-9th. Having nasuea, tired but mood overall is happy


MAYBEBABY456  1 year ago
Boobs feel like they’ve been punched. I’m peeing for Scotland and flushing hot and cold. Feeling rubbish today but can’t pinpoint it exactly


Kaey2288  1 year ago
Kinda crampy, mildly sensitive breasts, but mood wise pretty good


Mommy_Of3BeanieZ  1 year ago
Just gassy(sorry) but very very gassy.. I’m expecting my AF any day because my tubes have been tied for 5 years and I’ve never missed AF


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