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12 days past ovulation

Jenny6661  6 months ago
I’m backed up, bbs tender, bloated


Shyloveskai  6 months ago
I am 12 dpo 100% pregnant and I was so ragey and irritable. According to this chart that’s a AF symptom. I did feel happy 10&11 dpo though.


Justjoceyy  6 months ago
According to last two cycles I’m 1 day late but app is predicting af to come in 2 more days. We’ll see. No many symptoms negative hpt.




MrsMac86  6 months ago
Tested again in morning and afternoon and again BFP! Sore breasts/nipples, got a lot of clear discharge with a little pink. Indigestion!


dec9191  7 months ago
Don’t feel anything 12dpo. No pms signs no preg signs


BroxiBlu  7 months ago
Sharp shooting pain in left lower abdomen, period due tomorrow, not had this before af...time will tell!


Lcoquelle  9 months ago
Slight nausea the past couple of days but it's extreme this morning. Other symptoms too but so far only BFNs!


Mssafford  11 months ago
Very very faint line with mid morning pee, on fertility meds. Hoping for twins.


RayleneL  1 year ago
Tender breasts and armpits. Light Cramping


ValerieH20  1 year ago
Light spotting 11dpo and today 12 dpo. Period very inconsistent so could arrive tomorrow or not! Light cramping yesterday and a bit today.


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