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5 days past ovulation

Laideekim  6 days ago
5po - So emotional past 2 days, gassy, headache/dizzyness, and wanting to vomit several times today.


Metal_Yuri  7 months ago
5-6 dpo. Woke with one stuffy nostril and sore-ish throat


Metal_Yuri  7 months ago
Also slight pulling cramps behind belly button, right side, same feeling as pulling something. A few times for a few minutes then went away




Metal_Yuri  7 months ago
Also think I had a metallic taste in my mouth when I ate some of my muffin.. tasted weird but not sure?


Metal_Yuri  7 months ago
Sore painful hot boobs, vivid dreams, passed out twice today, insomnia, craving & aversions, irritated, dull ache, belly button pain, acidrx


KClive  9 months ago
Constipation, VERY tired, sore boobs, HUNGRY


RonniBonni28  1 year ago
Sleepy Slept for 10 hours, Not Hungry, Metallic taste, Off & On cramping , back pain, off and on breast pain. Not getting hopes up


Libbyyy  1 year ago
Currently 5w+2. Going back and logging a few symptoms in case it’s helpful to others. Metallic taste in mouth.


ashley_mom2011  1 year ago
Tingley nipples and breasts off and on. Major pinching feeling in low abdomen. Probably out again this month. ????????


MsChop1026  1 year ago
My nipples are on fire. Very tired. Fun breakout happening on my forehead.


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