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5 days past ovulation

OhBoyOrGirl  5 days ago
Tired, mild cramping, legaches major gas for past few days bad. More hungery.


Baby EL   12 days ago
Nauseated, tired, sick


Tasmin13  11 weeks ago
Thick ewcm with a little streak of blood, burning tingling feeling in uterus , cramps twinges,pokes.




Emilypankhurst  3 months ago
Weird foggy feels by all day. My brain and body just want to sleep.


Mira87  3 months ago
Tired, nauseous, and bloated.. About 5pm MST had thick cervical mucus on my underwear.. No tender breast ????


Whatsername1  5 months ago
Hmm boobs huge and sore and started cramping today temps high and lots of cm


Tay4christo  6 months ago
Today my “girls” are a little tender and nips are a little sore.


Mummabear3  7 months ago
Sore throat stuffy af crampy and neasea


Mememe32  8 months ago
Really thirsty. .warm feeling in abdo feel hot inside ..still feel nauseated and off food


Mememe32  8 months ago
Cramping dry cm cx is high and to the back closed hubby also noticed very tight ..feeling unwell nauseated and lightheaded strange taste


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