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5 days past ovulation

Mommy_Of3BeanieZ  8 days ago
My boobs aren’t tender anymore. I’m just getting restless legs and hot flashes(feels like) I think AF is brewing up a pretty evil arrival ????????


nvee22  9 days ago
boobs are not tender, but definitely grew. Ive been getting a tiny bit nauseous every time I get hungry and I've been having vivid dreams.


ANGELgurl666  14 days ago
Nipples are sore bbs are tender,




Jamie5145  15 days ago


MommyTTC2019  24 days ago
dull pain and lower back pain


ANGELgurl666  6 weeks ago
Cramping and backache.


Strath_lass  10 weeks ago
Nips are so sore, bloating and horrible acid reflux. Never have acid reflux unless I've been really ill but haven't been. Fingers crossed.


Jprice520  10 weeks ago
Bbs are slightly sore when touched. Having slight cramping, bit like af cramps though. And very fatigued


nasamama  11 weeks ago
Tender breasts, bloating, acne breakout


39andcounting  12 weeks ago
Slightly sore boobs, frequent urination, bloating, increased appetite.


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