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5 days past ovulation

KClive  6 weeks ago
Constipation, VERY tired, sore boobs, HUNGRY


RonniBonni28  5 months ago
Sleepy Slept for 10 hours, Not Hungry, Metallic taste, Off & On cramping , back pain, off and on breast pain. Not getting hopes up


Libbyyy  8 months ago
Currently 5w+2. Going back and logging a few symptoms in case it’s helpful to others. Metallic taste in mouth.




ashley_mom2011  12 months ago
Tingley nipples and breasts off and on. Major pinching feeling in low abdomen. Probably out again this month. ????????


MsChop1026  12 months ago
My nipples are on fire. Very tired. Fun breakout happening on my forehead.


AngelMommy2021  1 year ago
I’m extremely thirsty, light cramps, light spotting ???? I think I’m out this month ????????‍??


MizCarter21  2 years ago
Nauseated, dark brown spotting, left side cramps, extremely tired.


mamax4  2 years ago
Tender breasts, a bit nauseous, soooooo hungry, lots of milky cm, very dry mouth


tee443  2 years ago
Metallic taste in mouth , tired.


Jessiebelle401  2 years ago
Heavy sleep, feeling nauseous, lower back pain it moves right side of hip,Super hungry, craving, boobs feel heavy, feeling tired and moody.


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