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5 days past ovulation

Mememe32  5 days ago
Really thirsty. .warm feeling in abdo feel hot inside ..still feel nauseated and off food


Mememe32  6 days ago
Cramping dry cm cx is high and to the back closed hubby also noticed very tight ..feeling unwell nauseated and lightheaded strange taste


MoonChild326  18 days ago
Fatigue. Flutters. Very mild “cramps” or twinges. Gassy but oddly no bowel today. Increased cm to creamy/watery. Nipples slightly burning.




Lgrant1017  30 days ago
Very Fatigued, Gassy, Nausea no vomiting, increased CM


himejazu  37 days ago
Fatigued, more CM, tender breasts and under breasts


jvedri818  7 weeks ago
Boobs feel like they have electricity in them and full and heavy. Nauseous and wearing sea bands. Extra hungry


willowanu  7 weeks ago
5dpo... crampy, nausea, heartburn


PinkLady1972  10 weeks ago
5dpo.. Mild cramps.. Sensitive nips.. Left ovary burn pain made me wince.. Tired and easily stressed bit emotional x


Heartsdesire   12 weeks ago
Quick sharp pain in the middle just above pubic bone.


neomasie  3 months ago
very moody. sleeplessness. dull lower backache


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