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18 days past ovulation

Tasmin13  6 weeks ago
Pregnant and having mild cramping and back ache, frequent urination feeling dizzy...baby no3


Tasmin13  6 weeks ago
20dpo had spotting thought it was af coming late then it stopped but got a BFP just before I picked my 5 year old up from school


Ssmith60  7 weeks ago
I am 19 dpo I had what I thought was IB on 6 dpo but still BFN. So frustrated, I just want to know what is going on.




annonymousisbest  10 weeks ago
literally had every "positive" sign, didn't think to test until 19dpo. I am now 5w4d pregnant!


Silviap  3 months ago
Tender breast, backache, tender nipples ,


AGamersWife  3 months ago
technicially 19dpo but i'm so happy I received my bfp


katiezappia  1 year ago
11 days late, so tired, areola's appear larger, nipples fuller, always hungry, nausea some vomiting..negative as of 4 days ago


SWisbest  1 year ago
Felt worse after ovulation when not pregnant! Only very tender nipples groin/thigh pains urination and lower back pain


Jasminelily  1 year ago
I'm now 14 days late. Exhausted, sensitive breast and nipples. Nausea all week, no vomiting. Very bloated, always hungry but negative hpt :(


amitapadhi  1 year ago
Usually I have 33days cycle.. Now late for 2days Yesterday cramping on & off.. Today no cramps but pinching at right abdominal.


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