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18 days past ovulation

Tasmin13  11 weeks ago
Pregnant and having mild cramping and back ache, frequent urination feeling dizzy...baby no3


Tasmin13  11 weeks ago
20dpo had spotting thought it was af coming late then it stopped but got a BFP just before I picked my 5 year old up from school


Ssmith60  12 weeks ago
I am 19 dpo I had what I thought was IB on 6 dpo but still BFN. So frustrated, I just want to know what is going on.




annonymousisbest  3 months ago
literally had every "positive" sign, didn't think to test until 19dpo. I am now 5w4d pregnant!


member_313250  4 months ago
Tender breast, backache, tender nipples ,


AGamersWife  4 months ago
technicially 19dpo but i'm so happy I received my bfp


katiezappia  1 year ago
11 days late, so tired, areola's appear larger, nipples fuller, always hungry, nausea some vomiting..negative as of 4 days ago


SWisbest  1 year ago
Felt worse after ovulation when not pregnant! Only very tender nipples groin/thigh pains urination and lower back pain


Jasminelily  1 year ago
I'm now 14 days late. Exhausted, sensitive breast and nipples. Nausea all week, no vomiting. Very bloated, always hungry but negative hpt :(


amitapadhi  1 year ago
Usually I have 33days cycle.. Now late for 2days Yesterday cramping on & off.. Today no cramps but pinching at right abdominal.


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