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10 days past ovulation

MrsAnderson  6 days ago
My breasts are very sore. Have been since 3 dpo. My nose is runny and Im very tired.


kmcfowler  14 days ago
Tested positive today. My face was more oily than usual, taking naps, and have been feeling SO HOT.


DanielleJohns  34 days ago
Tired. Faint Nausea. Can't drink a full cup of coffee without getting really hot. Very sensitive nipples.




Mememe32  38 days ago
Ovulated early i think either 7/10dpo ..sensitive r nipple tender boobs felt like i was hit by a bus achy wasnt trying this month


Mememe32  8 weeks ago
Feel emotional face tingle .hot belly feels full ..hungary dip in bbt at 8-9 dpo now higher today ..racing hb now calmed feel awful


Mememe32  8 weeks ago
Two days of AF cramps subsided boobs tingle hot heavy and achy round sides let down feeling for two days ..feel sick today tired acne 2 days


LaPortia  9 weeks ago
Back hurts so bad


Itskaytlyn99  3 months ago
Tired , feeling a sort of pulling and dull cramps


kdrain7  4 months ago
Extremely tired, stuffy nose, sensitive nipples and just had pinkish discharge when I wiped. Not sure what this means


SweetEmotion  4 months ago
Lower abdominal twinges here and there, feels like AF is coming, but it's too early.


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