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10 days past ovulation

OhBoyOrGirl  5 days ago
Had pink 1 wipe spotting with a day of pink creamy cm, cramping like Af & lower backache 10dpo


Aeddins18  29 days ago
Feeling different this cycle. Just cough-puked on myself which never happens. Dreamed I was pregnant. Felt pms cramps for days now gone.


Francobaby90  36 days ago
Sore sensitive uterus, cervix is extremely soft and high. Left boob is sore.




Nikkiknit  39 days ago
Super duper ridiculously sore nipples, only symptom this month. VVFL this afternoon, will retest with morning/midnight urine.


MoniqueNell  8 weeks ago
I have been experiencing tingling nipples since 8 dpo.


Tasmin13  12 weeks ago
Brown spotting and mild cramping


masdenueve  3 months ago
Dolor de pechos desde 4dpo, dolor de espalda desde 9 dpo dolorde estómago indigestión, comi demasiado y tuve que desabrochar mis pantalones


ANGELgurl666  4 months ago
some what bloated bbs tender dry mouth ,and bitchy


Nikkiknit  5 months ago
Since 5-6dpo mild cramps, sore boobs, lots of strange feeling down there, none painful and just lasting a few minutes, some nausea


Aeddins18  5 months ago
Woke up craving ice cream, breast pain decreased since 9dpo (unusual) , bfn. Thinking maybe I didn't ovulate idk


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