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10 days past ovulation

wallaceemily99  36 days ago
Taste of soap in my mouth. Got my BFP today.


wallaceemily99  36 days ago
Felt like "bubbles popping" in my uterus for a good portion of the day. Dreams for a week about having a baby, getting BFPs, metallic taste


wallaceemily99  36 days ago
A LOT of cramping today, didn't feel like a AF cramp more like a dull with sharp pains cramp, pulling and pinching, felt like




megankf  39 days ago
Very lethargic despite taking naps & getting plenty of sleep, feeling very weepy, medium/watery cm, weird tingly sensation on nipples


megankf  39 days ago
Loose stools, hunger pains but no appetite (which is very weird for me), absence of acne (which I would normally have at this stage...)


ohhsarajane  7 weeks ago
@intoxica503 did you conceive that cycle


Lisjesdia  10 weeks ago
Heavy and sore breast.Have little bumps on left areola.Nipples always erect.Mild cramps pelvis area to lower back,headaches,gas,constipation


Intoxica503  11 weeks ago
Gagging the past two days. Creamy cm. Food aversion. Increased hunger. Exhausted even after increased caffeine intake. Out of breath.


member_313629  11 weeks ago
Sharp pain on left side of uterus, nausea, food cravings and aversions, bubbles in stomach, constantly hungry, out of breath, exhausted


ANGELgurl666  3 months ago
bbs a bit tender. bloating went down but still there. happy


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