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10 days past ovulation

Ffrias86  10 days ago
I have no other symptoms other than sore boobs. Slight twinges and pinches yesterday (9dpo) but nothing this morning.


DanielleJohns  14 days ago
BFP @9po Today (10dpo) Nausea, vomiting 1x, dizzy, diarrhea, very sensitive nipples, tired, pinching/pulling, dull cramps.


Marieua  17 days ago
I feel so sad. I felt my cervix and it is firm not soft as before.... I think I'm waiting for the period then




Tasmin13  29 days ago
The usual pulling type cramps, twinges, back ache, tingling boobs, same feelings when I was pg twice before. Ive out grown my bra.


Phoenixrisen82  40 days ago
Sore boobs, poking/pinching pain on left side pelvic area, brown spotting since late on 8dpo, fatigue and nausea that eases after lunchtime


Mommy_Of_Marcell  7 weeks ago
Indigestion, bloated, gassy, runny nose, fatigue and tender breasts


bookies  7 weeks ago
I feel cramp in the morning and now it all gone.


MrsAnderson  10 weeks ago
My breasts are very sore. Have been since 3 dpo. My nose is runny and Im very tired.


kmcfowler  11 weeks ago
Tested positive today. My face was more oily than usual, taking naps, and have been feeling SO HOT.


DanielleJohns  3 months ago
Tired. Faint Nausea. Can't drink a full cup of coffee without getting really hot. Very sensitive nipples.


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