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10 days past ovulation

RhiJ86  21 days ago
tender boobs and sensitive nipples. Occasional twinges/pulling. Nausea and butterflies in the afternoon.


brisorozco  33 days ago
Tender breasts-pulling sensation-nausea


shanta77  34 days ago
Feel little twinges and breast a little tender




MamaKesi  38 days ago
lots of watery/egg white CM, boobs continuing to be tender, metallic taste, slight acne breakout, mild on/off headache and twinges on left


Kimmycpt  8 weeks ago
Terrible cramping...constipated n gassy...moody..irritable...boobs feel heavy n full...terrible backache


Divakt  8 weeks ago
Slight cramping, back pain, slite headache, swollen boobs, acne, faint line on pregnancy test


babyfever1202  11 weeks ago
SO tired today! Sore boobs, sensitive nipples, gas... we will see!


Crissie & Vic  12 weeks ago
i think we had our bfp today, its faint but very much there, ive got increased appetite, bloating, cramps mood swings.


vdubchicx  12 weeks ago
sore and heavy feeling boobs, mild cramping, tired


montanamaiden  3 months ago
10dpo, wanting to eat,watery cm, vivid dreams


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