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megankf  2 years ago
Very lethargic despite taking naps & getting plenty of sleep, feeling very weepy, medium/watery cm, weird tingly sensation on nipples


megankf  2 years ago
Loose stools, hunger pains but no appetite (which is very weird for me), absence of acne (which I would normally have at this stage...)


ohhsarajane  2 years ago
@intoxica503 did you conceive that cycle




Lisjesdia  2 years ago
Heavy and sore breast.Have little bumps on left areola.Nipples always erect.Mild cramps pelvis area to lower back,headaches,gas,constipation


Intoxica503  2 years ago
Gagging the past two days. Creamy cm. Food aversion. Increased hunger. Exhausted even after increased caffeine intake. Out of breath.


member_313629  2 years ago
Sharp pain on left side of uterus, nausea, food cravings and aversions, bubbles in stomach, constantly hungry, out of breath, exhausted


member_58252  2 years ago
bbs a bit tender. bloating went down but still there. happy


39andcounting  2 years ago
Loose stools this morning and overall sick feeling & weakness. Started spotting yesterday & crampy. Sinus drainage.


member_312020  2 years ago
I don’t have much to report. I’m a little tired and my breast feel heavy, slight cramping starting 5 dpo, don’t really know what to think.


Strath_lass  2 years ago
From day 5 I’ve had dull aches and felt like I was going to be sick. Today, day 10, I feel energetic and really happy but still got symptoms


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