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1 day past ovulation

member_326508  1 year ago
No sore bbs, tender lower stomach and cramps. Gas. Bloating. Super tired. Super irritable. Craving healthy foods like fruit.


MsChop1026  1 year ago
Tender breasts, still very sensitive, tired, joint hurt


Em1895  3 years ago
Had trapped gas again at 1dpo. Starting to think that is an ovulation symptom for me. watery CM all day was new.




Em1895  3 years ago
HORRIBLE pain in stomach / trapped gas?. Hurt to even sit down. Trying to go #2 made me yell. Walking hurt as well. Gone by 2 dpo


member_58252  4 years ago
Nips started to be sore last night and today 1dpo.. mild bloat.. I’m guessing it is just ovulation symptoms ..


Anesakim  4 years ago
Woke up with a stomach ache and gas ....gas like i get right before af.


megankf  4 years ago
Cramping, increased sensation in nipples, lots of very watery cm.


Strath_lass  5 years ago
Pounding headache, Cramps and feeling dizzy today. Ovulated yesterday.


HopefulNaya  5 years ago
Ovulated yesterday. Feeling weird cramping sensation in my uterus kinda like pinching. I feel it whenever I sit a certain way. Weird....


stephaniewxo3  5 years ago
Im sure I ovulated yesterday. I had Egg White CM and a couple twinges in my ovaries area of my tummy so crossing my fingers.BD Thurs&Today!


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