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1 day past ovulation

Em1895  9 months ago
Had trapped gas again at 1dpo. Starting to think that is an ovulation symptom for me. watery CM all day was new.


Em1895  10 months ago
HORRIBLE pain in stomach / trapped gas?. Hurt to even sit down. Trying to go #2 made me yell. Walking hurt as well. Gone by 2 dpo


member_58252  1 year ago
Nips started to be sore last night and today 1dpo.. mild bloat.. I’m guessing it is just ovulation symptoms ..




Anesakim  2 years ago
Woke up with a stomach ache and gas ....gas like i get right before af.


megankf  2 years ago
Cramping, increased sensation in nipples, lots of very watery cm.


Strath_lass  2 years ago
Pounding headache, Cramps and feeling dizzy today. Ovulated yesterday.


HopefulNaya  2 years ago
Ovulated yesterday. Feeling weird cramping sensation in my uterus kinda like pinching. I feel it whenever I sit a certain way. Weird....


stephaniewxo3  2 years ago
Im sure I ovulated yesterday. I had Egg White CM and a couple twinges in my ovaries area of my tummy so crossing my fingers.BD Thurs&Today!


OhBoyOrGirl  2 years ago
Having mild pms cramping (feels like) all day. Acne break out err. Tired.


member_294183  3 years ago
sore nipples


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