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1 day past ovulation

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ChanelCP  2 years ago
Sore nipples, it's too soon. Gotta be something else


tinasanborn  2 years ago
Tired, hot, bad mood, strange feeling in lower abdomen


emrabbttc  2 years ago
Achy, chills, weird cramps, nauseous, not hungry




ChanelCP  2 years ago
Strange twinge in lower abdomen but it's way too soon for symptoms. I'm sure it's related to something else


ali_baby@live.co.uk  2 years ago
Terrible mood today! Also strange feeling in my lower abdomen, not painful though.


aamiah  2 years ago
very tired , light pink spotting ( 9 days since first day of mlp )


Cutie_Maria  2 years ago
Bloated, gassy, sore breasts, tired.


ayannaj7@icloud.com  2 years ago


BlueEyes83  2 years ago
Lots of vomiting today, sore breasts, cramping, urinating lots


Cmcdani6  2 years ago


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