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6 days past ovulation

Chineye  21 days ago
My breast hurts unlike my usual PMS breast tenderness and I feel exhausted and weak. I have been running serious temperature since today.


OurBabyNumber6  26 days ago
I am def pregnant. I feel pregnant, my breasts hurt, tender, tingling, under the arms, nipple sensitivity. So bloated, I look pregnant.


babyfever1202  26 days ago
SO TIRED! Tender breasts, sore nipples, mild cramping, frequent peeing.




Mommy_Of_Marcell  7 weeks ago
Tender breasts


Steph1  10 weeks ago
Sore breasts, mild twinges, cranky.


Tasmin13  11 weeks ago
Cramping, twinges, back ache all afternoon into evening and sore boobs. went to bed with a tingling uterus, AF due August 31st


Tasmin13  11 weeks ago
Cramping, backache, twinges and sore boobs... I only get this days before af is due never the week before


Charliet  3 months ago
Cramping and tender breasts and nipples


monicaakerr  4 months ago
Tender and sensitive breasts and nipples, some colostrum, insomnia, fatigue


MrsAnderson  4 months ago
I have extremely tender breasts.They feel heavy and full and have been so tired lately. I've been falling asleep on the couch at 7:30


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