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6 days past ovulation

Lubicorn  14 days ago
My right nipple is still itchy and I've had lower back ache and constant lower pelvic pain/pressure again today. Also had ewcm today


vekivelj76  24 days ago
Brown spotting...


Jessesgirl910   6 weeks ago
Creamy white sweet smelling CM, lower backache, hungry, ill, vivid dreams, gassy, body aches, boobs sore under arms, UTI feeling.




Nikkiknit  6 weeks ago
Mild cramps followed by tingling nips/boobs, creamy cm and nausea that comes and goes (been over 12 hours now, still coming in waves.)


AGamersWife  7 weeks ago
yesterday felt a sharp quick pain not af like and also itchy boobs yesterday and today.


ANGELgurl666  9 weeks ago
Tender bbs, nipples too. Feel frustrated... mostly from This site


MommyTTC2019  10 weeks ago
dull pain and lower back pain


Aeddins18  11 weeks ago
Nothing since AM, just feeling dull cramps and 3 BMs.


Aeddins18  11 weeks ago
Dreamed of water, then dreamed of buying diapers? Very painful bbs. Pain in uterus when stretching. Red spot when whiping, size of pen head.


Gabbymonkey  3 months ago
Left side cramps with tender breasts and milky watery cm.


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