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17 days past ovulation

Propagandah  4 days ago
4 days late. Sore/sensitive nipples. Mild gas. Slight nausea.


brittany1001  8 weeks ago
4 days late for AF, never been late before. Always consistent 28 day cycle. Pounding headache, bloated, cramping since O, bfp 12dpo, bfn now


Cheryllynn72  11 weeks ago
Gassy, bloated, sore breasts, headache, achy back , mild annoying cramps in pelvic area , a day late and bfn this afternoon. Heartburn,.




SaintGalahad  5 months ago
Sore nipples that started about 2 days ago, have to get up to go to the bathroom every 2 hours, hard time sleeping, breasts are still sore.


Moncandie  6 months ago
Feeling very fatigue and having faint cramping


Hollyann19  8 months ago
Had BFP on 11DPO. I feel like I've been hit by a bus. Muscles ache. Back pain. Extremely tired. Chest is heavy and achy.


Speechie86  9 months ago
Tender breast, on and off cramping, and my steak just didn’t taste good to me last night.


KBRO2689  1 year ago
Breasts are so sore and sensitive..just walking hurts them. Very sleepy today too. Feeling bloated as well.


member_271152  1 year ago
BTW ... am afraid to test. Due to my irregular period between 28-32 days cycle.


member_271152  1 year ago
Tender breasts. Warm feeling in the right ovary area. Light UTI like feeling.


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