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17 days past ovulation

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niki43  2 years ago
tired, tender breast, bloating, slight cramps


ANGELBABY-38  2 years ago
17dpo, nipples sore, breast FEELS fuller but don't look bigger, headaches off and on, BFN 2days in a row


dcboyd87  2 years ago
Two bfn, but I can't stop yawning, dizzy, feel like I need to pee about 3x as often as normal, breasts a little sore but like pms. We'll see




MichelT  2 years ago
Boobs full fuller, nipplings tingling, dont want to test and get another neg


Lithogal  2 years ago
17 DPO and doctor confirmed im pregnant yesterday :) Feel fine. Very occasionally have a quick sharp pain in stomach but otherwise feel OK


EmmaH13  2 years ago
Done a few tests -all +ve. Boobs sore, sharp pains/niggles in uterine area.


simplysage000  2 years ago
17/18dpo today. Super tired, I got a little cold (sore throat sniffles coughing), keep feeling like AF is coming but it never shows, breasts


lullabellexox  2 years ago
I had a lot more symptoms 9/10 dpo now I'm just getting twinges and my breasts are still tender. i am scared to test- can't face another bfn


269pluto  2 years ago
VERY positive tests, super tired. Slept 9 and 1/2 hours last night, would still love a nap. Haha. Boobs fuller, some sharp pains.


Nattie82  2 years ago
Sooo tired! Slept till 3pm today!! Yikes! Been really hungry and a bit nautious and dizzy. Backs been killing me and left leg? Breasts -norm


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