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17 days past ovulation

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krispey  1 year ago
super tired. gas, food aversion, itchy breast, "wet feeling" , bloated as ever!!


kld1624  1 year ago
A bit queezy, heartburn, food aversion, mild lower abdominal pressure, gas.


Babymyself  1 year ago
Severe backache too




Babymyself  1 year ago
17 dpo whitish discharge,nipples hurt,sneezing,running nose,insomnia,1 day for AF,Should I test?


NewHere75  1 year ago
Severe backache and really really tired. I just want to get into bed this very minute.


ceeceecole  1 year ago
Af 3 days late, sore breast, a lot of gas and mildly cramps


maybebaby39  1 year ago
More spotting and crampung, AF not due til the 20th...is it a few days early?


JadaAndrade   1 year ago
Metallic taste in my mouth, super sleepy, constantly using the bathroom, I feel "hungry" 24/7, very gassy


frances02  1 year ago
tired, pressure/fullness/dull aches/ in lower abdominal, whitish discharge


Cheryllynn  1 year ago
Sore breast went away, just feel a twinge here and there, bad heartburn,tiny spot on panties,very bloated,headaches,sinus trouble,lots cm


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