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17 days past ovulation

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MarriedaYankeeFan  5 years ago
Crazy dreams last night - of fish swimming - apparently that means I'm pregnant (which we already know)!


Shawbabies4mee  5 years ago
Very tired but restless in bed, sensitive and sore breasts, constant bloated feeling and frequent trips to pee.


Shawbabies4mee  5 years ago
Constant feeling like I'm




aikencdy  5 years ago
headache.. feel tired..


Jslaven90  5 years ago
Tired cuz I'm having a hard time sleeping, sore boobs. Cramping lower abdomen (notAF) Nauseas last night. AF expected tomorrow.


Poobaby79  5 years ago
Spotting after sex .cramping .breast sore still peeing alot.dr appointment tomorrow


Guest  5 years ago
bloated, exhausted all the time


DanieRodri  5 years ago
Tender breasts, frequent urination, light cramping


Coliegoodnite16  5 years ago
cramping, gassy, VERY tired, sore breasts, backaches, metal taste in mouth.


MrsMitchell88  5 years ago
Sore tender breast and nipple bloated very gassy light spotting mild cramps and very sleepy


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