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4 days past ovulation

Mememe32  1 day ago
Feel awful like im coming down with something ..nausea for 2 days cramping heavy feeling strange sick taste in mouth ..nipples tickle


Experexis  26 days ago
Nipples are sore and boobs are tender


himejazu  33 days ago
Managed to have caught a small cold, tender breasts under the armpit, and dull cramping on lower back.




christlover  7 weeks ago
Super tired, but also a headache...my previous pregnancy I had bad headaches but i am prone to migraines not pregnant


Deebus12  9 weeks ago
Breast tender slightly heavy, More tired the usual, dull discomfort on right side, metally taste in my mouth


Deebus12  9 weeks ago
Breast tender slightly heacy


MidnightMystery  10 weeks ago
Sciatic pains


Gigi1976  10 weeks ago
Cramping a bit año right side and lower abdomen tugging and pulling. Feel sluggish.


neomasie  12 weeks ago
dull ache on right side. Felt pulling/twinge in ute this morning. Lower back ache in the morning. vivid dreams, fatigue and sleeplessness


msladyt330  12 weeks ago
lower belly sensitive to touch, heavy pressure, metal taste, fall asleep fast, tired, boobs heavy, eating alot, bad dry cough, back ache


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