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4 days past ovulation

tabby101  3 months ago
Boobs tender, gas, and very tired,


chakra05  7 months ago
So tired ???? i’m dying. Cramps. Gas. Im the typical case lol need chocolate wafers and a good book and drift into a coma.


prettyflower34  7 months ago
Can't believe I'm driving myself crazy again with the tww. Tender BBS, uterine heaviness, painful nipples. Plan to start @ 7dpo




Nikkiknit  8 months ago
Tired, very constipated (extremely regular person ????) and lots of strange light pressure down below always in the same area.


Mommy_Of3BeanieZ  8 months ago
Oh and let’s not even speak on my sex drive.. My hormones have been RAGING


Mommy_Of3BeanieZ  8 months ago
Tender heavy feeling boobs, frequent urination and a bigger appetite.


Aeddins18  9 months ago
Starting to have cm now, and pinching in uterus.


Aeddins18  9 months ago
Sore bbs since 2dpo. Gas today. Metal taste last night. Vivid dreams since 1dpo. Cramps last night different than cysts.


39andcounting  11 months ago
Mild headache. Feel so drained. Thick creamy cm.


member_58252  11 months ago
bbs tender.


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