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4 days past ovulation

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Purejoy40  5 years ago
Tender breasts, increased thirst, acne


BlessedMummyof2  5 years ago
Bloated, constipated, gassy, tender breasts and nipples, backache, fatigued, irritable, increased appetite, increased cm. Hoping for a BFP!


wallaceemily99  5 years ago
Bloated, ovary pain, sharp pains out of no where around my uterus area that last for a few seconds, same goes with my cervix, Dull cramps.




Jessicaca  5 years ago
My appetite has decreased substantially, and I have been feeling slightly nauseated, plus my breast are tender, and my dreams are crazy.


Lindsey412  5 years ago
Yesterday started to feel heaviness in my breast, slight cramps, fatigue also a +opk again after negative tests the past few days


Mememe32  5 years ago
Feel awful like im coming down with something ..nausea for 2 days cramping heavy feeling strange sick taste in mouth ..nipples tickle


Experexis  5 years ago
Nipples are sore and boobs are tender


himejazu  5 years ago
Managed to have caught a small cold, tender breasts under the armpit, and dull cramping on lower back.


christlover  5 years ago
Super tired, but also a headache...my previous pregnancy I had bad headaches but i am prone to migraines not pregnant


Deebus12  5 years ago
Breast tender slightly heavy, More tired the usual, dull discomfort on right side, metally taste in my mouth


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