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4 days past ovulation

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himejazu  6 years ago
Managed to have caught a small cold, tender breasts under the armpit, and dull cramping on lower back.


christlover  6 years ago
Super tired, but also a headache...my previous pregnancy I had bad headaches but i am prone to migraines not pregnant


Deebus12  6 years ago
Breast tender slightly heavy, More tired the usual, dull discomfort on right side, metally taste in my mouth




Deebus12  6 years ago
Breast tender slightly heacy


MidnightMystery  6 years ago
Sciatic pains


Gigi1976  6 years ago
Cramping a bit año right side and lower abdomen tugging and pulling. Feel sluggish.


neomasie  6 years ago
dull ache on right side. Felt pulling/twinge in ute this morning. Lower back ache in the morning. vivid dreams, fatigue and sleeplessness


msladyt330  6 years ago
lower belly sensitive to touch, heavy pressure, metal taste, fall asleep fast, tired, boobs heavy, eating alot, bad dry cough, back ache


ShariahBee  6 years ago
A lot of cramping , particularly in the right side. A little nausea but nothing too serious & constant pooping ????????‍??


Sexylips  6 years ago
Slight cramping


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