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What women are saying

4 days past ovulation

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mskeisha  2 years ago
I have lots of cramping and that's about all sleepy at times


Leannethelia   2 years ago
I feel sick I have belly pains my breasts are sentive I’m so tired and I keep having back ache


Panda1972  2 years ago
Not cramps as such but pressure. Nausea on and off in waves. feeling light-headed. Nausea feels same as DS




kben1202  2 years ago
NAUSEOUS on and off for the past 4 days


WildFlower3  2 years ago
Having every all except 6 & 'so' confused about my dpo. Crazy cycle! Fatigue is 'bad' all others showed up strong today


Mslink0318  2 years ago
Im tired and and annoyed. Feeling a little nausea and cramps pinches on my right side all day. My nipples are kinda sensitive and i can smel


ZANELE1  2 years ago
Woke up with cramps, my taste buds seem to be off and have been getting a little nausea since yesterday


Lalallita  2 years ago
Nausea, nausea and nausea, a bit of breast tenderness and smells, also tired...


Jslaven90  2 years ago
Abdominal cramping, tired, and very very light spotting? Hope that's a good sign.


Gina1984  2 years ago
feel pressure with mild cramps from time to time and breast shooting pain from time to time with creamy CM


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