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4 days past ovulation

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tabby101  4 years ago
Boobs tender, gas, and very tired,


chakra05  4 years ago
So tired ???? i’m dying. Cramps. Gas. Im the typical case lol need chocolate wafers and a good book and drift into a coma.


prettyflower34  4 years ago
Can't believe I'm driving myself crazy again with the tww. Tender BBS, uterine heaviness, painful nipples. Plan to start @ 7dpo




Nikkiknit  4 years ago
Tired, very constipated (extremely regular person ????) and lots of strange light pressure down below always in the same area.


Mommy_Of3BeanieZ  4 years ago
Oh and let’s not even speak on my sex drive.. My hormones have been RAGING


Mommy_Of3BeanieZ  4 years ago
Tender heavy feeling boobs, frequent urination and a bigger appetite.


Em1895  4 years ago
Starting to have cm now, and pinching in uterus.


Em1895  4 years ago
Sore bbs since 2dpo. Gas today. Metal taste last night. Vivid dreams since 1dpo. Cramps last night different than cysts.


39andcounting  4 years ago
Mild headache. Feel so drained. Thick creamy cm.


member_58252  5 years ago
bbs tender.


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