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17 days past ovulation

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Speechie86  4 years ago
Tender breast, on and off cramping, and my steak just didn’t taste good to me last night.


KBRO2689  5 years ago
Breasts are so sore and sensitive..just walking hurts them. Very sleepy today too. Feeling bloated as well.


member_271152  5 years ago
BTW ... am afraid to test. Due to my irregular period between 28-32 days cycle.




member_271152  5 years ago
Tender breasts. Warm feeling in the right ovary area. Light UTI like feeling.


Kaisunshine27   5 years ago
Tender breast, no increased cm, very very sleepy! , hungry and hot flashes


Sabrina777  5 years ago
I'm going to test today. Gas lately, and full abdomen feeling. Had slight feeling of "settling in" or movement today.


emmadrose  5 years ago
Exhausted, crampy and bloated, sore nipples, cold feet, hot flashes, less gassy and constipated than last week. Positive digi last night!


weinie1  5 years ago
Very tired, sore Bob's and mild cramping like AF is going to show. I sure hope she doesn't. My pregnancy tests are very Dar.


HappyMeg  5 years ago
tested positive today..wet,bloated and abdominal cramps/pressure


Sammyjam  6 years ago
AF 3 days late. very tired, stomach cramping but different than AF. Full boobs. Should I test?


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