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6 days past ovulation

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kerlinky  11 months ago
Moody, sensitive, sore boobs, dull cramps


Chineye  12 months ago
My breast hurts unlike my usual PMS breast tenderness and I feel exhausted and weak. I have been running serious temperature since today.


OurBabyNumber6  12 months ago
I am def pregnant. I feel pregnant, my breasts hurt, tender, tingling, under the arms, nipple sensitivity. So bloated, I look pregnant.




babyfever1202  52 weeks ago
SO TIRED! Tender breasts, sore nipples, mild cramping, frequent peeing.


Mommy_Of3BeanieZ  1 year ago
Tender breasts


Steph1  1 year ago
Sore breasts, mild twinges, cranky.


Tasmin13  1 year ago
Cramping, twinges, back ache all afternoon into evening and sore boobs. went to bed with a tingling uterus, AF due August 31st


Tasmin13  1 year ago
Cramping, backache, twinges and sore boobs... I only get this days before af is due never the week before


Charliet  1 year ago
Cramping and tender breasts and nipples


monicaakerr  1 year ago
Tender and sensitive breasts and nipples, some colostrum, insomnia, fatigue


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