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Debashree  6 years ago
Leg cramps can be a symptom of early pregnancy? I'm having pain in my right leg calf muscles..


mskeisha  6 years ago
Nauseous and tired and sore nipples


kreep13  6 years ago
Feels like my period is going to start. Pms cramps, intense lower back & hip pain. Tired.




MissShorty0312  6 years ago
Been Gassy Today Too & Very Tired Too


MissShorty0312  6 years ago
I Did Spot Yesterday & Had Some Cramps Today


Onedaymomma  6 years ago
My body is itchy, had sore heavy breasts yesterday. I'm super hungry and tired.


throughfaith  6 years ago
I mean I spotted a little last night , pink n red and then it went away , lots of pressure on my belly


throughfaith  6 years ago
I started to get like a light úti since last night, not as painful as regular uti .. I always spotted pink lil red last. Ughhhh


ladysyracuse02  6 years ago
heahache- I guess it has something to do with ovulation


rosjon10  6 years ago
Oh yeah I have headaches everyday that come and go


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