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10 days past ovulation

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Dezzies  1 year ago
10dpo and it almost feels like someone is taking a needle to my nipples. ????


Senyorita  1 year ago
8 dpo sore boobs , hungry , peeing often 9 dpo sore boobs , hungry , sleeping all day 10 dpo very painful boobs fell asleep fast


Grahams3  1 year ago
Lower back pain that started 4-5dpo and has persisted, very bloated/gassy, burping constantly, green veins prominent in breasts but not sore




KhloeAlvin  1 year ago
bloating, sore-tingly boob, sort of mood swingy, mainly happy I definitely feel pregnant but im only 10DPO.


member_314499  1 year ago
Today I had a lot of back pain on one side. Around dinner. I got nausea and didn't have a desire to eat lasagna. Which I really like.


member_58252  1 year ago
Umm bbs tender not much bloat


Batman  1 year ago
Achy legs and hips, swollen too!!


OhBoyOrGirl  1 year ago
Had pink 1 wipe spotting with a day of pink creamy cm, cramping like Af & lower backache 10dpo


Francobaby90  1 year ago
Sore sensitive uterus, cervix is extremely soft and high. Left boob is sore.


Nikkiknit  1 year ago
Super duper ridiculously sore nipples, only symptom this month. VVFL this afternoon, will retest with morning/midnight urine.


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