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10 days past ovulation

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Nikkiknit  6 months ago
Since 5-6dpo mild cramps, sore boobs, lots of strange feeling down there, none painful and just lasting a few minutes, some nausea


Aeddins18  6 months ago
Woke up craving ice cream, breast pain decreased since 9dpo (unusual) , bfn. Thinking maybe I didn't ovulate idk


wallaceemily99  7 months ago
Taste of soap in my mouth. Got my BFP today.




wallaceemily99  7 months ago
Felt like "bubbles popping" in my uterus for a good portion of the day. Dreams for a week about having a baby, getting BFPs, metallic taste


wallaceemily99  7 months ago
A LOT of cramping today, didn't feel like a AF cramp more like a dull with sharp pains cramp, pulling and pinching, felt like


megankf  7 months ago
Very lethargic despite taking naps & getting plenty of sleep, feeling very weepy, medium/watery cm, weird tingly sensation on nipples


megankf  7 months ago
Loose stools, hunger pains but no appetite (which is very weird for me), absence of acne (which I would normally have at this stage...)


ohhsarajane  8 months ago
@intoxica503 did you conceive that cycle


Lisjesdia  9 months ago
Heavy and sore breast.Have little bumps on left areola.Nipples always erect.Mild cramps pelvis area to lower back,headaches,gas,constipation


Intoxica503  9 months ago
Gagging the past two days. Creamy cm. Food aversion. Increased hunger. Exhausted even after increased caffeine intake. Out of breath.


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