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10 days past ovulation

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Itskaytlyn99  1 year ago
Tired , feeling a sort of pulling and dull cramps


kdrain7  1 year ago
Extremely tired, stuffy nose, sensitive nipples and just had pinkish discharge when I wiped. Not sure what this means


SweetEmotion  1 year ago
Lower abdominal twinges here and there, feels like AF is coming, but it's too early.




RhiJ86  1 year ago
tender boobs and sensitive nipples. Occasional twinges/pulling. Nausea and butterflies in the afternoon.


brisorozco  1 year ago
Tender breasts-pulling sensation-nausea


shanta77  1 year ago
Feel little twinges and breast a little tender


MamaKesi  1 year ago
lots of watery/egg white CM, boobs continuing to be tender, metallic taste, slight acne breakout, mild on/off headache and twinges on left


Kimmycpt  1 year ago
Terrible cramping...constipated n gassy...moody..irritable...boobs feel heavy n full...terrible backache


Divakt  1 year ago
Slight cramping, back pain, slite headache, swollen boobs, acne, faint line on pregnancy test


babyfever1202  1 year ago
SO tired today! Sore boobs, sensitive nipples, gas... we will see!


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