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10 days past ovulation

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bookies  1 year ago
I feel cramp in the morning and now it all gone.


MrsAnderson  1 year ago
My breasts are very sore. Have been since 3 dpo. My nose is runny and Im very tired.


kmcfowler  1 year ago
Tested positive today. My face was more oily than usual, taking naps, and have been feeling SO HOT.




DanielleJohns  1 year ago
Tired. Faint Nausea. Can't drink a full cup of coffee without getting really hot. Very sensitive nipples.


Mememe32  1 year ago
Ovulated early i think either 7/10dpo ..sensitive r nipple tender boobs felt like i was hit by a bus achy wasnt trying this month


Mememe32  1 year ago
Feel emotional face tingle .hot belly feels full ..hungary dip in bbt at 8-9 dpo now higher today ..racing hb now calmed feel awful


Mememe32  1 year ago
Two days of AF cramps subsided boobs tingle hot heavy and achy round sides let down feeling for two days ..feel sick today tired acne 2 days


LaPortia  1 year ago
Back hurts so bad


Itskaytlyn99  1 year ago
Tired , feeling a sort of pulling and dull cramps


kdrain7  1 year ago
Extremely tired, stuffy nose, sensitive nipples and just had pinkish discharge when I wiped. Not sure what this means


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