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10 days past ovulation

ANGELgurl666  22 hours ago
Umm bbs tender not much bloat


Batman  21 days ago
Achy legs and hips, swollen too!!


Aeddins18  24 days ago
Gassy, constipated, feeling kinda sick. Constant moving cramps that feel deep, maybe gas? Wet discharge, but finally slowing down




OhBoyOrGirl  33 days ago
Had pink 1 wipe spotting with a day of pink creamy cm, cramping like Af & lower backache 10dpo


Francobaby90  9 weeks ago
Sore sensitive uterus, cervix is extremely soft and high. Left boob is sore.


Nikkiknit  9 weeks ago
Super duper ridiculously sore nipples, only symptom this month. VVFL this afternoon, will retest with morning/midnight urine.


MoniqueNell  12 weeks ago
I have been experiencing tingling nipples since 8 dpo.


Tasmin13  4 months ago
Brown spotting and mild cramping


masdenueve  4 months ago
Dolor de pechos desde 4dpo, dolor de espalda desde 9 dpo dolorde estómago indigestión, comi demasiado y tuve que desabrochar mis pantalones


ANGELgurl666  5 months ago
some what bloated bbs tender dry mouth ,and bitchy


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