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18 days past ovulation

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Grace791  4 years ago
18dpo brp last week. Can't keep my eyes open by the afternoon!


sparklesNglitz  4 years ago
Was getting positives on OPK for a few days. Period late by 6 days! BFP on EPT today. No symptoms at all!


dema2016  4 years ago
Cramping on and off as if af is coming sore nipples and 4days late.




chakra05  4 years ago
19 DPO. I randomly get sad.. but then i bounce back and I'm ok.. It's been like this for a week now.


fairus  4 years ago
Abdo discomfort. Tired. Will do hpt coming on morning. Since my 2x opk result was likely positive. Wish me luck.


FeliChica92  4 years ago
on and off cramping like as if af coming. 5 days late. nipples tenders and boobs feel kind of heavy


Scarrion6664  4 years ago
4 days late.....


Niki_ClawAndrews  4 years ago
Feel hungry the most. See a lot of watery discharge. Boobs are itchy and heavy. Feel ok and not too bad. Also a lot gas happening .


carter.lala  4 years ago
AF 4days late feeling tired other then that I feel fine. Took a test at 16dpo and was neg. So I guess I'll wait & ser


ginamarie1029  4 years ago
No AF, 2 days late, BFN, sore bbs, backache, nausea, exhausted, frustrated!!


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