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18 days past ovulation

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MelaninKisses  2 years ago
4 days late, irritated and mood swings, tired, lower back pain, slightly tender breast


Sarahlouiser  2 years ago
Sore boobs still in mornings, no cramping today which is a first. Still eating more at breakfast and throughout day.


SujathaSrk  2 years ago
Breast hurts and feeling heavy. Frequent urination. Very tired. More crampings in left side and back ache. White watery CM today on 18 dpo




ladysyracuse02  2 years ago
late period, pain in my back. still bfn


Naomi5277   2 years ago
I am feeling exhausted, very bad mood swings. My breasts have felt a little tender, also very viable veins.


rapgod004@gmail.com  2 years ago
Af is late by nearly 5 days. Two BFN :( Tingly breast, frequent urination, nauseous, excessive exhaustion and fatigue, full feeling, cramps.


kben1202  2 years ago
5 days late, no symptoms really but gas


alexiss93  2 years ago
I'm pregnant!!!! 4 weeks and 6 days to be exact! We're SO excited! Praying for a healthy pregnancy and healthy baby!!!! <3333


Jslaven90  2 years ago
Tired, mild/dull cramping, sore boobs. AF expected today. No sign yet. Test this morning BFN.. :(


leelee1981  2 years ago
BFP @16 dpo. Lower back pain and fatigue. Dull cramps felling bloated


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