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12 days past ovulation

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CazLanni  1 year ago
Today, I fell asleep at nap time instead of my toddler, and have some spotting. Hopefully implantation spotting?


AnonyMrs  1 year ago
Feeling hotter than normal, Shortness of breath, Thirsty, Insomnia at night, Heart racing


AnonyMrs  1 year ago
Fatigue, Headache, Mild brief cramping




JJMCLLR  1 year ago
Extreme fatigue and mood swings


KNM614  1 year ago
Mild cramping, mild nausea, lack of sleep, extremely tired, slight headach, heavy/sore boobs,


Beaut1ful38  1 year ago
12dpo-very mild cramps,nausea, lower left backache, gassy, constipation, tender boobs, headache, tired, cm back to creamy/watery


Alyese24  1 year ago
Nausea and pressure in uterus, cravings along with heart burn, cant sleep at night and tired throughout the day, heart burn, breasts tender.


Candy2312  1 year ago
vivid dreams, back pain, sore boobs and nipples, fatique, heaviness of uterus


Mamalebron_  1 year ago
Cramping and so tired ???? No energy for anything. I just want to sleep.


Nukinka  1 year ago
Heart burn, nausea, sensitive to smells, sore boobs, heaviness in my uterus, mood swings, back ache, fatigue, more hungry


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