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12 days past ovulation

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OhBoyOrGirl  1 year ago
So tired, moody from hell. Nausea bad after dinner cm very wet watery, headaches & sum anixity today.. Boobs look bigger & so ready 4 bed ug


Oranges26  1 year ago
Dull cramps, headache and tender boobs, increased appetite and very tired with lack of energy!


aikencdy  1 year ago
PMS.. AF is about to drop! Heart Broken.. TTC#1




Portia311   1 year ago
On and off cramping, worse in the evening. No sore breasts. No nausea, no implantation bleeding. Do have headaches. Had a faint positive


mrsboyd2018  1 year ago
Tired, sore nipples (sorry tmi), cramping in lower abdomen, slight nausea off and on


Jademarie.xx  1 year ago
Headaches that come and go, tiredness and nausea


BreL1989  1 year ago
AF cramping since 1 dpo now gone. back pain, sore nipples, extremely tired, feeling like im getting a UTI :(


aikencdy  1 year ago
Hot flashes, noticeable cramping and craving for something that i dunnot what it is.


Goody2016  1 year ago
my friend had said at 12dpo shes having a ton of white discharge and thinking back i had the same thing.


Alexiamss  1 year ago
Woke up this morning with what I think is implantation bleeding. One wipe of very light brown discharge, sore breast, and some gas.


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