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11 days past ovulation

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MrsMac86  2 years ago
Very sore boobs this morning, lots of creamy lotion cm. very tired and a little cramping.


OhBoyOrGirl  2 years ago
Gassy, horny, stretchy ewcm very wet creamy white cm mix different! Side boobs sore. Bad vivid dreams


masdenueve  3 years ago
sore breasts, very hungry, fever, swelling, I feel embaradaza but 11 dpo negative test :(




Desirea  3 years ago
Tested this morning with a digital test and "not pregnant". But feeling tired and heartburn (never had heartburn before)


Only165398  3 years ago
Heartburn. Which Never happens to me.


BrittM91  3 years ago
I am 11dpo and just have not felt same since 1dpo and normally I am alright. Had a dream about positive preg test and that happened with dd


Tasmin13  3 years ago
I think I got a very faint positive today, cramps, twinges, hot flushes,


Sean's wife  3 years ago
Heavy boobs craving mild cramps


Babychef  3 years ago
Tired, very hungry, very sore boobs and nipples


Phoenixrisen82  3 years ago
AF due today, breasts sore, nausea, spotting started on 8-9 dpo has slowed/stopped now. Waiting to test until AF is a no-show for a day or 2


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