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11 days past ovulation

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Arrestine  1 year ago
Cramps, dull, lazy, slightly sore bb. Not aggressive as in PMS. Vivid dreams of which one with a baby girl.


Jamesmomma  1 year ago
11dpo- sensitive nips is gone, pinching pains on the left ovary, constipation ???? , stuffy nose. I feel out this cycle tho'. Maybe it's PMS.


Mememe32  1 year ago
All symptoms disappeared ..im out AF due tomoz or 2day. .boobs only slightly tender no cramps temp down slightly will test l8r to ease mind




kdrain7  1 year ago
I’m not having any pms, usually I’m eating everything,Moody and loose bm, but my bbs are sore, no appetite and tired. I think I might be out


Mummabear3  1 year ago
11Dpo still feel cramps af but thats about it. Dont feel pregnant at all


Mememe32  1 year ago
Also heartburn insomnia sensation in bum vivid dreams 3 days now creamy cm cx high dip at 8dpo


Mememe32  1 year ago
If im not preg il eat my hat ..af type cramp but lower comes and goes but feel nauseated at same time.boobs feel hot HUGE round sides tingle


Itskaytlyn99  1 year ago
Mild cramps , very sore in my legs and back , a little nauseous.


Nickie2018  1 year ago
Sore nipples, very bloated, little bit teary, peed 3 times in 1 hour!


Queenofkings05  1 year ago
Dull cramps, bloated abdomen, sore nipples that are larger and now darker in color, heavy full breasts, increased appetite, weepy.


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