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11 days past ovulation

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Babychef  3 years ago
Tired, very hungry, very sore boobs and nipples


Phoenixrisen82  3 years ago
AF due today, breasts sore, nausea, spotting started on 8-9 dpo has slowed/stopped now. Waiting to test until AF is a no-show for a day or 2


proudumi  3 years ago
I have been feeling light cramps since 8dpo. Since then, I'm feeling extra exhausted, nausea comes and go, sore breasts.




Lovelyred29  3 years ago
BFP! Cramps. Slight backache. Soft stool. BLOATED! Exhausted.


MissFig  3 years ago
Heavy breasts, sensitive/sore nipples, bloating, slight right/left pelvic pain on/off


Ctaisyah  3 years ago
Breast pain, diarrhea,,backache, low back pain,


Phoenixrisen82  3 years ago
Breast/nipple pain, faint positive on pink dye test, dull pressure/cramping, nausea


Honibay09  3 years ago
Period was supposed to be here yesterday still doesn’t feel like it’s coming but no symptoms that are unusual so who knows ????


DanielleJohns  3 years ago
Tired. Dizzy at times. Low appetite. Food aversions. Sore nipples. Cramps there but dull. Feel off today.


yoyochoice  3 years ago
Cramping off and on. Breast feeling sore but nipples are still burning (BEEN BURNING FOR THE LAST WEEK) with no soreness in my breast.


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