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8 days past ovulation

Catheline  2 days ago
Saw spotting at 6 dpo im now a 8 dpo not experiencing much i hope im pregnant


Justjoceyy  29 days ago
Felt weird bubbly pulling sensation since 6 dpo want to test tomorrow at 9dpo but trying to hold off til 12 dpo


dec9191  11 weeks ago
No symptoms.




JessBirnbaum  12 weeks ago
Light cramping near my hips, bloating and so much fatigue!


mom2be5  4 months ago
Very fatigue these last few days, had a very faint positive this morning...this could be the reason!????????


Mssafford  7 months ago
Pain in uterus after I sneezed. Grouchy, couldnt sleep last night. Stuffy nose, sneezing. Breast tenderness since yesterday . Weepy. Anxiety


MrsMac86  7 months ago
Woke up yesterday to a cough and now this morning a temp rise with the cold. Sore boobs, tired and slight cramping yesterday has stopped


Aeddins18  9 months ago
Ewcm, maybe I didnt ovulate on time? Theres alot of it. But I also had some at the time I was supposed to ovulate.


nasamama  9 months ago
Yellow CM (2x), sore and fuller boobs, dull cramping, cold symptoms


MaryElizabeth  1 year ago
Metallic taste in mouth, too much saliva ew. Sore, painful boobs, warm temp.


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