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8 days past ovulation

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MissNatK  2 years ago
Weird little pains in lower abdomen. Unusually tired. TMI but softer bowel movements. Not sure if that is even a sign.


Jessesgirl910   2 years ago
I’m w Mememe32...erect nipples. I know they’re supposed to get darker and sensitive but I didn’t know havin ur headlights on was a sign! Lol


Mememe32  2 years ago
Nothing but erect nipples that tingle..litle stabs in right boob ..cm soft closed and high




DonsCutie  2 years ago
Sore boobs and nips, +sex drive, hungry, exhausted, peeing ALOT, backache. FINGERS CROSSED!


Honibay09  2 years ago
Still sharp pains in both breast off and on, moody as all get out, & nausea this AM I’m 8DPO


Mummabear3  2 years ago
Tired but not sure if thats cos the heat and not sleeping well last night Pain underneath belly button and super bloated


charityferrusca13  2 years ago
overly tired, having insomnia, edgy, moody, hungry but then again not hungry.


OhBoyOrGirl  2 years ago
Gassy, very wet cm & heartburn(strange feeling on my right side can't explain it. Never had b4)bad legaches &mild cramps or cervix pain 8dpo


familyof5plz  2 years ago
I am not having any symptoms. I have quite a bit of creamy CM. My last pregnancy, I only had sore BB @ 20dpo. No signs can be a good signs!


member_155846  2 years ago
Right now ai am bloated and have cramps.mas in yhe cramps nrver left since my O.


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