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Nikkiknit  12 months ago
Sore boobs, tingling nipples, mild pressure in pelvis when sitting, mild cramps, intermittent nausea and have that "feel pregnant" thing.


AGamersWife  12 months ago
dizzy, nauseated before/after eating. boobs are a little itchy. occasionally feel pelvic pain that's a nuisance. Praying for a bfp


member_58252  52 weeks ago
Bbs sore tender,, gassy,,




AGamersWife  1 year ago
Aeddins18 did you get a bfp?


MAYBEBABY456  1 year ago
Aching boobs to the point I can’t get a decent sleep as they feel like they’re burning from the inside out. I have IBS & it’s playing up too


Aeddins18  1 year ago
Frantic again, gas, bbs HURTT. Dreamed about baby ducks. Emotional, Feels like period coming but it's 6 days too soon.


megankf  1 year ago
Vague UTI feeling. Frequent urge to urinate, but very little urine when I go.


megankf  1 year ago
Painful frequent cramping near left ovary, "pulling" like spasms near uterus, hunger pain but no appetite, weepy, medium/watery cm, gassy


member_314230  1 year ago
Also have frequent urination which was never an issue for me before. I mistakenly assumed I had a UTI but doc said no.


member_314230  1 year ago
Cramping (intense right ovary), EXHAUSTED, headache, absolutely freezing, achy hips, brown CM yesterday but nothing today, hungry no appetit


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