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8 days past ovulation

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prettyflower34  1 year ago
Feeling down. I feel out for this cycle. I would always get my bfp early. I'm sure breasts , success and nipple. Some mild cramping


Jessesgirl910   1 year ago
Hungry. Backache...sore all over really. Ill as a hornet lol. Vivid dreams.


Nikkiknit  1 year ago
Sore boobs, tingling nipples, mild pressure in pelvis when sitting, mild cramps, intermittent nausea and have that "feel pregnant" thing.




AGamersWife  1 year ago
dizzy, nauseated before/after eating. boobs are a little itchy. occasionally feel pelvic pain that's a nuisance. Praying for a bfp


member_58252  1 year ago
Bbs sore tender,, gassy,,


AGamersWife  1 year ago
Aeddins18 did you get a bfp?


MAYBEBABY456  1 year ago
Aching boobs to the point I can’t get a decent sleep as they feel like they’re burning from the inside out. I have IBS & it’s playing up too


Aeddins18  1 year ago
Frantic again, gas, bbs HURTT. Dreamed about baby ducks. Emotional, Feels like period coming but it's 6 days too soon.


megankf  1 year ago
Vague UTI feeling. Frequent urge to urinate, but very little urine when I go.


megankf  1 year ago
Painful frequent cramping near left ovary, "pulling" like spasms near uterus, hunger pain but no appetite, weepy, medium/watery cm, gassy


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