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14 days past ovulation

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Nic21nac  1 year ago
I'm seeing most of the pregnancy symptoms, but the most prominent is my need to urinate. I'm going soooo often!


Adalina13  1 year ago
I have majority of the 'positive' signs. The dull cramps were quite intense yesterday and this morning. AF is expected to arrive today.


Scarlett65  1 year ago
Hip joints/back hurt. Boobs 'seem' bigger/heavier. Feel bloated, but no cramps.




Mummabear3  1 year ago
Vivid dreams and AF cramps sore under arm boobs no CM Just waiting for AF to show now


Mememe32  1 year ago
Still no AF but feels like shes here i check but nothing ?..sweating in sleep ?.not sure what going on Will test in morning if no AF


Queenofkings05  1 year ago
boobs bigger and fuller and slightly sensitive. nipples big and darker. lower back pain. insomnia. abdomen bloated. hot flashes. legs hurt.


member_294603  1 year ago
Extremely nauseous! Have been for the last few days but today is the worst


MamaKesi  1 year ago
Achingly sore nips. They burn on and off throughout the day. Breast size increased. Breasts sore. Dizzy, nauseous, tired, smells, constipate


aikencdy  1 year ago
Noticeable pain in my left lower pelvic.


aikencdy  1 year ago
Headache in the morning and legs pain as always out of nowhere.


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