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14 days past ovulation

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Babymyself  2 years ago
14dpo back pain,mucus cum.not tested yet,AF due on 6th,three days to go,but I get it once in 28 days,fingers crossed


Jasmine1993  2 years ago
Tired and my boobs feel sore but on and off throughout the day.


Jasmine1993  2 years ago
Tired and my boobs feel sore but e




Giselatonka   2 years ago
Boobs less sore, frequent urination, mild nausea, mild cramping


Wishbaby  2 years ago
14dpo took a clear blue digital and not pregnant and no sign of af and no symptoms except tired


swethapriya90  2 years ago
14 DPO Today, mild cramps on my left lower abdomen and spore boobs. didn't tested Yet, planning to test on 14 May


kld1624  2 years ago
14dpo. Feeling tired & crampy. Not sure if its fertility meds or other. Negative HPT waiting on blood test results later today.


Waiting4miracle2018  2 years ago
14 dpo, feeling tired, been lightly cramping since ovulation. AF is due today so we shall see. My boobs started hurting two days ago so NS.


FortifyingTraditions  2 years ago
Very mild cramps. Nausea. Possibly frequent urination. Sore boobs. Tired.


Serenity_mom_of5  2 years ago
AF due today, have a pinching feeling on my left side with some cramping.. think I had impla spotting about 6 dpo, not sure whats happening


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