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14 days past ovulation

kayd315  9 weeks ago
AF due today. No sign yet. Last AF was 8/31....BD was on 9/7, 9/12, and 9/14.


Jenny6661  4 months ago
Backache and gas cramping cervix hsc and. It is only 10am.. might change quickly


Genie18  1 year ago
I saw spotting today and yesterday, am hoping it’s implantation bleeding. I also have heavy breasts and sorr nipples. Period is due today




Tasmin13  2 years ago
Af was due today but didn't come, cramps and back ache


miracle77  2 years ago
breasts have been sore and feeling engorged on and off since 9dpo. no acne which is unusual for me I usually break out for a week before AF


Ssmith60  2 years ago
AF due today. Usually, I wake up to it. 5 p.m. and no symptoms. I actually have energy today. And hunger. I go from zero to ravenous.


darkeyes  2 years ago
Aunt flo a day late tired and ingestion and cramps on and off


chakra05  2 years ago
Aunt flow due today, but i ovulated cycle day 20... so maybe ill be late this month? No symptoms except gas ?? i could power a car ???? ????


AGamersWife  2 years ago
Af due tomorrow. No spotting temp is staying high no drop. Nausea early this morning, throat hurts. Heartburn before going to sleep.


peonies2107  2 years ago
14dpo! Af due tmrw! Sore breasts, very mild dull cramps on/off, little bit of cm/feels wet. Feeling happy and not moody.


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