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9 days past ovulation

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Ladychey123  1 year ago
Sore breasts, backaches, headaches, cramps


Tasmin13  1 year ago
Had tingling sore boob, for 2 hours I had a stabbing pain in the left side of my uterus then backache & cramps


Hope1406  2 years ago
Very fast sharp pain in my uterus yesterday, otherwise no symptoms at all...




tee443  2 years ago
mild cramps , increased cm & metallic taste in mouth..


dec9191  3 years ago
No symptom.


xBLISS  3 years ago
Who wakes up to gas pains at 4am?! I surely don't wake up & get those @that time or else I'd be sleeping like a baby. This is my 9th or 6dpo


Leilanii96  3 years ago
Super dry mouth, boobs feel kinda sensitive no nipple sensitivity at all, little cramping off and on, sore throat.


WishUponAStar95  3 years ago
Cold like symptoms . Feel warm - no temperature. A little bloat .


Ayosky  3 years ago
Metallic taste and sensitive nipples


JessBirnbaum  3 years ago
Light tingling (bubbly feeling) in uterus, every sore boobs and slight nausea. Egg white CM.


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