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9 days past ovulation

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member_314230  11 months ago
Serious hip and lower back pain for 3 days now, dry mouth, cramping nonstop since ovulation (mostly right side) hungry!!! And exhausted ????


ShonnieLon_  12 months ago
Eating everything in sight


ShonnieLon_  12 months ago
Severe heartburn, I can feel it in my back. Vivid dreams, libido wayyy up, cramping, some back pain, bubbles and twinges, gassy.




AGamersWife  12 months ago
really tired, heartburn, and ive been really moody and a lot cm on undies. hoping I get my bfp


Hope2019  1 year ago
Cramps like AF is just round the corner..But af is not due unti for at least 4 days more..


member_58252  1 year ago
nothing really just bbs tender to touch


MrsMac86  1 year ago
Tired, heavy sore breasts, cramping to left side and a sharp lightening (sorry tmi) through my vagina downwards.


MrsMac86  1 year ago
Vivid dreams again, very tired during day. No cramps which is unusual as I normally do cramp around now if af is coming. Sensitive breasts.


OhBoyOrGirl  1 year ago
Boobs just started having a burning sensation in them.. new for me


catgocrazy  1 year ago
Breasts/stomach feel like they are burning. Lots of creamy CM. Super vivid dream last night.


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