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9 days past ovulation

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Phoenixrisen82  4 years ago
9dpo and BFN on HPT but have so many symptoms: tingling and warmth/heaviness in breasts, sensitive nips, increased cm and sensitive to smell


Honibay09  4 years ago
So not anything significant happening I actually had 2 cycles in one month but my doctor said don’t worry, I did hav + ovulation test ????????????


Mia2be  4 years ago
mild nausea all day, strong odors make me gag, tired much earlier in the evening, increased cervical mucus, very hungry, dull cramps




drosalie  4 years ago
Got a very faint line on 3 first response but rexall and cb neg. Back ache, tired, breast pain, nipple soreness, trouble breathing


jacobjames  4 years ago
stuffy nose tender breasts but also can't seem to fill myself food wise feeling hungry all time anyone else felt like this ?


DanielleJohns  4 years ago
Tired. Dull cramps. Dull backache comes and goes. Sensitive nipples.


Jamesmomma  5 years ago
stuffy nose, slightly sore nips, leg cramps... AF due in 6 days could be pms


Kiramommy91  5 years ago
Forgot to add clear skin. I normally have a huge pimple before af but not this time.


Kiramommy91  5 years ago
Chills and hot flashes,food aversion,extreme fatigue,head aches,flu like signs, cramps


member_77660  5 years ago
Tender breasts, slight backache. Waiting to af is late to test. 6 days to go.


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