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BYOB: We Need Some BFPs!!

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Hi ladies!

Well, it's that time again! Lets kick things off the same as usual, with an update...

My name is Joy
I am 28, and dh is 29
we've been together almost 10yrs
Got married and bought a house together in 2009
From Canada
I'm currently a housewife, but hope to soon be a stay at home mom
I got pg back in the summer of 2010 then m/c'd at 8 weeks
We ttc for 8 cycles after the m/c, (10 months)
We have a nursery room all set up waiting for baby
I got my BFP on June 30th 2011
Went for an u/s b/c of spotting on Aug 12 2011 @ 10 weeks
Baby only measured 8 weeks with no heartbeat
M/c began Aug 18th
Since then I have been rushed to the hospital 3 times for excessive bleeding (once via ambulance cause I passed out)
I have had 2 emergency D&C's, 2 Folley Ballooons, 3 blood transfusions of 2 bags each, & a Hysteroscopey. (Not to be confused with a "HysterECTAMY")
I FINALLY got my 1st af on Nov 17th
I couldnt ttc the last 2 cycles, but we are hoping to be back at it this cycle!
I am currently on cd11
Right now I am taking my prenatal vitamin, my iron suppliment, and am chartting my bbt. I plan on using opks this weekend (hoping dh will be home in time for O) and when we bd we will use preseed!

Wow thats getting to be a loooooong into!!

This is the best group out there - these ladies are all amazing!! They are my online bffs and I love them all! Dont know what I would do without you ladies!!

Hope everyone had a great Monday!!!

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Hi Ladies,

I have been MIA for a bit.

Welcome to all the new ladies!

AFM, I've had a pretty emotional week. I am currently 9dpo and got a BFN this morning, but I thought I would anyway. I got a call from my Dr this week saying that what I thought was a UTI last week actually wasn't. This is the third time this has happened to me so she is sending for a renal ultrasound on Monday. There may be a problem with my kidneys or bladder and she even brought up the dreaded "C" word (cancer). Part of me wonders if this problem I am having my be linked to my previous losses. Anyway, I'm sure my blood presure is really high right now and I am trying to calm down, but it's kinda scary not knowing what is going on.

I don't have much hope for this cycle since I haven't had any cramping since 7dpo and no other symptoms really. I will say that last cycle I had all the symptoms in the book and not having any now makes me wonder. I am going to chalk it up to my body just getting back to normal after my loss in October.

Baby dust to everyone!

6 years ago

Hi everyone! Woo, it's been a crazy busy week, haven't been able to check this thread for a few days but so glad it's finally Friday!

snowwhite-Good luck! for you that this is your cycle!

Joy- yay for being post ovulation-hope that this is your lucky month!

rmorgan- that sounds promising with signs of implantation.

Nicole- boo to af! I'm not sure about ways to extend LP other than B6. Have you spoken with your dr about this?

crnotttle- Hope that O comes soon for you! So frustrating when it's hard to pinpoint.

Gummy- hang in there! It's so stressful to worry about health issues-hoping that everything gets back to normal quickly for you. Thinking of you!

Afm, I've been pretty stressed out this week with work and haven't had a minute to myself it feels like. BUT it's Friday and I have a very relaxing weekend lined up-I can't wait. Plus, I'm supposed to O on Valentine's Day, so I think we'll be doing plenty of leading up to Tuesday. Really hoping this is my month, but also don't want to get my hopes up, if you know what I mean! I was also stressing myself out this week b/c I think a coworker of mine who just got married a few months ago might already be pregnant. It will be so hard if she is to watch everyone be so excited and talking about her pregnancy when I've been trying for almost 2 years!! Trying really hard to wish her well and just be excited for her, but it's so hard to know that some people get pregnant so easily when I want it soooo badly. I know you can all relate!

to everyone, and hope you all have a wonderful weekend!

6 years ago

Hi ladies!

hoping - thanks! Yay for you being due to O on Valentine's! Happy bding! Sorry to hear about your coworker tho... i know how stressful that can be to have someone who JUST got married get pg right away. Grrr... some people are so lucky and they dont even know it.

Gummy - Oh sweetie I am so sorry for all you are going through! It must be terrifying not knowing whats going on, especially when your doc throws the "c" word out there. I am keeping my that everything is okay, and that if anything IS wrong it is easily fixable! When do you go for the u/s?

AFM - Had a nice lazy morning with dh today, then went for a nice long bath in my jet tub, had my nephew read to me over the phone (SO cute!), and now I am here. Still gotta do some laundry and empty the dishwasher then I have to go to my parents house to check the mail. But tonight dh and I are having a lazy night just the two of us eating mac and cheese for dinner and watching movies

4dpo today, so really nothing to report... gotta go for bloodwork to make sure all is still good after all my transfusions in Oct, so I am wondering if a pregnancy would show up?? I would be 9dpo the day of the test. Might have to ask the doc about that!

Hope everyone is having a great Friday!

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hopingforamiracle1: Thanks for the good luck! I know EXACTLY what you mean, except I'm dealing good friends. My DH and I started trying the same month as our wedding, a friend got married 2 months later and started trying right away as well. Her first pregnancy was a surprise, and then she got pregnant in her first cycle the second time around (she's 38yo!) and we haven't even had been close to a BFP yet (except for this cycle).

It's hard because we have a close knit group of friends and they all know we're trying but I don't think they realize when they ask EVERY SINGLE WEEK if we're "knocked up yet" it sticks a big knife in my heart.

So as of now, we've been trying almost a year and I have 2 more friends who got pregnant AFTER we started trying as well, it makes it more depressing and frustrating. Trying NOT to feel that was is pretty hard though! But I'm trying to be happy and supportive, what good friend isn't?! It makes me feel awful to feel that way but I can't help it!

6 years ago

Gummy- that's not cool. I'd be scared out of my mind. I'm sure you'll be fine. Keep us updated. Big hugs.

Joy- sounds like a lovely day. I'd love to have a day like that.

I went for a blood test today. Will know by Monday if I'm pregnant or not. I spent the day with the boyfriend running errands. Now I'm going to spend the evening relaxing with him and watching some movies.

My fingers are still crossed. I have some mild cramping (especially after sex) and am very tired but otherwise feel great! Still think I'm out and AF is around the corner but trying to keep hope alive.

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6 years ago

Joy-mmmm mac and cheese and movies sound amazing! hope you and dh have a relaxing night! I'm planning on relaxing this weekend and catching up on reading and tv shows that I've dvr'd during the week. It's supposed to be cold and snowy, so I plan on staying cozy inside!

rmorgan- I can SO relate to your experiences of having good friends get pregnant quickly and ask you all the time if you are pregnant yet! Almost all of my friends have had one or TWO babies in the time we've been ttc, so we've been going to baby showers, bringing them dinners after the baby is born, and watching the baby grow up while I still haven't even seen a positive pregnancy test. I have definitely been bitter and depressed at moments, but I'm really wanting to be happy for them and believe that it will happen for me too. I just don't think I can do any more baby showers in the next few months!! We actually have only told our closest friends about our difficulty getting pregnant. haven't even told dh's family b/c we're not that close to them and there are lots of new babies in the family. I figure maybe when we're about to do IVF we might tell them, or maybe not! I don't really want to have to talk about it with them if IVF doesn't work b/c I will be devastated.

How about all of you-have you told many people that you are ttc or waiting until you have good news?

6 years ago

Hoping - Glad to know there's others in the same boat! Kept telling myself it was normal to feel this way, but I couldn't help but also getting mad at myself at the same time for those feelings.

Most of the people we spend the most time with all have children already. I LOVE them all, but it's getting harder and harder to spend time with them without feeling down about not having any of my own yet.

Our close friends know (but we have a LARGE amount of close friends) and as far as family goes, only my mom and step-dad know. His family knows it's on the agenda but don't know we're actively trying with no luck. We are close to his family, but they can also put a lot of pressure on you in other aspects so I know they'll really put it on, not purposely, with news of having difficulty TTC.

My husband is paralyzed from a car accident back in 1993, so our doctor has been really helpful. Set us up for a SA last month (his chances of being infertile are higher bc of this) but we just haven't had the schedule open up yet to make it happen. Because we have to drive 45 minutes to the place and their lab is only open during weird hours, and of course the SA has to be there within an hour. (no room on site to do it there)

6 years ago

Expecting your right My name was jany32.
Not much is new still ttc. we went for testing and everything looked good so there was no reason I should have issues.

I missed talking to everyone too. I 'll be on more often i miss having you ladies to talk to.

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6 years ago

Hi ladies!

Jan - Yay! I am so glad it's you!! I am happy to hear you guys have been tested and nothing is wrong! (Tho it is very frustrating for nothing to be wrong yet you still havent gotten your baby! ) Hopefully soon!!

morgan11 - I am so sorry to hear about your dh but I am glad you guys are still about to ttc! Hopefully when you get a chance to do the sa all will be well!

hoping - Yep, I am really looking forward to a nice lazy night with dh, and a lazy dinner too! LoL! We have tomorrow to be lazy and what have you as well but Sunday I have to be up at 6am for a Cheerleading competition so that day is kind of a write off, plus the night before is too cause we will have to go to bed earlier than normal. Hope you enjoy your weekend with your dh!

snow - for positive test results!!

AFM - I am procrastinating... I went to my parents house and did what I needed to do there, but no I am being lazy... I dont wanna do laundry or dishes! LoL!

Hope everyone is enjoying their Friday!

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The witch has arrived right on schedule. That's the first time that's happened in months. So I'm out. At least I know my cycle will be on time this month. Trying again as soon as the bleeding stops.

But I need to take a break from actively ttc and actively posting on this site. It's taking a toll on my psyche. So I'm gonna try ntnp for a while and I'll come back if I notice any significant symptoms this cycle.

Good luck to all my buddies all the best to all of you. I wish you lots of happiness and baby dust and hope there's a lot of BFPs to come back to.

With love,

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6 years ago

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