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BYOB: Sore Breasts & Fertility Tests

Hi ladies!!

Lets start things off as usual.... with an introduction/update!

My name is Joy
DH and I are both 29
we've been together just over 10yrs
Got married and bought a house together in 2009
We have 1 fur baby named Cooper
From Canada
I'm currently a housewife, but will soon be a stay at home mom

I got pg back in the summer of 2010 then m/c'd at 8 weeks
We ttc for 8 cycles after the m/c, (10 months)
We have a nursery room all set up waiting for baby

Got pregnant again in June of 2011, but had a missed m/c (baby had died at 8 weeks) with many complications & a 3 week hospital stay

I Finally got back to TTC in Jan/Feb 2012 and on March 21st I got my BFP!
I am currently 24 weeks pregnant!
Ultrasound on May 15th showed a healthy little heartbeat
Ultrasound on July 3rd showed a healthy baby BOY!!
My due date is Dec 1st 2012!

This is truly an amazing group of ladies & I really hope our string of luck (& bfps) continues!! ladies!


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Morning all

I'm Katie, 30, dh is 32 and we've been together 9 years. I'm English but been living in Australia for 8 years and just got my citizenship last week!!

We've been ttc for a while, had one ectopic pregnancy which resulted in emergency surgery and the loss if my left tube. That together with low ovarian reserves and endometriosis means we have low fertility and why we are currently on our first ivf cycle after one timed intercourse cycle and two iui cycles all failed. I am currently growing 13 eggs so fingers crossed they will all fertlise well and one will implant quickly!

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5 years ago

Hi ladies!!!

I'm Caitlyn and I am 23. DH and I have been together since we were 13 (can you even 'date' at 13??) and have been married almost 4 years. We are ttc our first. I've been off of birth control since January but was careful until March when we let loose! No luck so far.

This month was a weird month for me. My first cycle that's ever been out of the ordinary! It was 33 days as opposed to the 28/29 I normally get. Today was CD1 for me as I finally got the flow. Took a few pregnancy tests and all BFN. I do have a doctor's appt on Monday just for an annual routine physical. I plan to discuss TTC then just to be in the clear. I am also temping this cycle and using OPKS for the first time! Nothing to worry about as it's only been 5 months (a few of which I'm not sure if we had sex very much around nearly the right time) so I'm confident it will come in time! I need to sit back, relax, and enjoy the process.

Hubby is 23 also and is a software engineer. I work in advertising but hope to add 'mom' to my role within the next year! We live in Seattle with 2 big dogs - Bear and Clark.

Good luck to all of you! Please join us - this is a wonderful group of ladies that have always been support. Thought I'm not sure why we've all been so quiet lately!

Hope to see some BFPs soon! I'm so excited for those we've had and I'm feeling confident about using OPKS and temping. Then I'll finally know when I O and won't have to worry anymore.

Have a great weekend everybody!


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5 years ago

Hi again ladies!

Well my name is Lisa I am 24 but turn 25 in about a month. I have been with my Husband for 6 years now and we have a 4 and a half year old Daughter and a 2 year old fur baby :)

We had no problems concieveing #1 but we have been ttc #2 for 3 years and 7 months. In 2011 we did finally get a BFP but we found out we had a blighted ovum pregnancy at 13 week scan.

No bfps since and we are now under the care of the infertility clinic - results from our tests in a few days... eeek!

Today I am CD30 and my boobs are sore, the joy of pmt haha we NTNP this cycle as we had the HSG test and it left me a bit uncomfortable so we haven't done much baby dancing at all

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5 years ago


My name is Sabrina, I am 33 years young and I have been married to my DH for 16 years in November, we ahve been together since I was 16. he is my best freind and my soul mate, we do practically everything together. We have been ttc #4 since November 2011, we have had no BFP's. My other 3 babies were conceived with no problems what so ever (we were very lucky), this time we believe our time will come, we just have to be patient, we have decided to stop ttc in December 2012 if we do not get our BFP by then.

This last month we have both started healthy eating and both lost amazing amounts of weight, I have lost a total of 20lbs in 4 weeks and DH lost a total of 23lbs. I am also taking vitamins, Agnus Castus and drinking Green Tea. I have pretty much cut out all caffeine except one cup of regular tea with my porridge in the morning.

We weren't supposed to be ttc this month because we have way too many birthdays in April, but we had a heart to heart and decided that if it was going to happen we wouldn't be disappointed in any way shape or form and luckily this was decided just before ovulation, I am not sure when or if I have ovulated yet, but we will continue to ttc until I am sure I have ovulated.

Very excited, I just hope we can make our dream BFP our reality.


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5 years ago

Eep just had a call from the clinic. My estrogen is 14000 so no more gonal f shots, another blood test and scan tomorrow but they are fairly sure I'm good for trigger shot on tuesday and egg collection on Wednesday!! Dh should be coming home on tuesday and back to work on Thursday so maybe transfer next Sunday!!!!!!!!

I def feel like I have a load of golf balls shoved down my pants! It's like I need to pee without needing to, the pressure rather than the urge.

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5 years ago

ooh kruchie good luck with the egg retrieval :) will they take a few and freeze them or do you have to do another round of injections for another retrieval should ivf attempt 1 not work?

I am sure you will get your baby soon :)

Exciting stuff!!!

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5 years ago

Krunchie, how exciting, I have everything crossed for you. Good Luck hun.xx

Where is everyone????

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5 years ago

bah, just lost my last post!!!

but basically, lots of eggs growing now! i think about 10-15 per ovary! and i can certainly feel it! so weird being this uncomfortable yet excited about it too!

elle- didnt realise your name was Lisa! seems weird now because i've been calling you elle assuming it was a name rather than just nick name! yes, they will extract as many as possbile, fertilise as many as possible then reinject one and freeze the rest so i can just have a frozen embryo transfer (FET) next time rather than the whole shabang again. and we can use those eggs for any further pregnancies too if we want more than one child

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5 years ago

i'm a bit bummed ladies...

just had the results of this morning's blood test and turns out I am on the verge of hyper stimulation. This means my estrogen is very high (16000) and I have over 20 eggs growing.

This means that after the egg extraction (which is a def for Wednesday now) instead of fertilising my eggs for 5 days then implanting one straight away, they will fertilise and freeze them all till my next natural cycle because the after affects of hyper stimulation are felt after the egg extraction and can make early pregnancy really bad.

i know its not a failed cycle but im bummed i cant have a freshie inserted straight away.

but there is still some hope. I have to have another test in the morning and if my estrogen isnt too much higher, it might be ok

and three of the eggs are probably going to be too big to use so that brings the count down a bit.

and the DR just wants to warn me that might be the case as she is going to wait and see what happens during the retrival. She might think I will be fine with a dose of a drug that brings down the side effects.

fingers crossed that next monday I get implanted!

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5 years ago

fingers crossed krunchie!

nothing much from me. just waiting for af and test results tomorrow

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5 years ago

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