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April/May 2020 TTC

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Morning/Afternoon/Evening Ladies!!

Hi lol...

You're one month closer to your bfp yay !! Hopefully this is it

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@Shay sorry you’re getting so many contradictory signs. That’s so frustrating. I hope the outcome will be an unequivocal BFP though!
@Alex i’m sorry your DH is sad. Often times it’s so much harder to see your other half sad that to deal with your own emotions. Sending you love and support.
I’m also having a hard time understanding why my midwife said I had to wait 6 months to try again but from what I am reading that’s what most doctors recommend after a molar or partial molar pregnancy. The trouble is in my case I’m not sure they know for sure there was a partial molar pregnancy. It sounds like all we know for sure is the triploidy but that doesn’t always mean partial molar. The trouble is that i’m not sure there is any way to know. The good news is my Hcg seems to be going down the way it supposed to (I only have a faint line today and it’s only been 13 days). It sounds like the Hcg stays higher when there are complications from a partial mole so I guess that’s good news. I’ll wait until my tests are negative to go get a blood test and talk to my midwife again about whether we can start trying again.

4 years ago

Hi everyone
I'm new here. I have longer cycles (34days roughly) and i am currently just passing ovulation now. 2 weeks feels like such a long wait..... anyway just wanted to say Hello and spread positive vibes to you all. <3

4 years ago • Edited

It's official ladies...I took the bottom two tests this morning! Although I will probably keep testing...I'm still so worried that something will go wrong! But seeing the word "pregnant" flash up on the screen has definitely helped it feel more real! Feeling so so grateful right now

Sending love and hugs to all of you, I hope desperately that you all get your BFP's soon, you deserve it so much!!

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4 years ago

Hi ladies, I’ve been a bit quiet but have caught up on all your posts while recuperating at home with a broken ankle. Also in my tww again. Luckily all the bding was complete before I fell over! 7dpo, I used the opks this month.

Congrats to the pregnant ladies and best of luck to the rest of us

TTC #2

4 years ago

@mistique I do see the line too!!
@agatch, 6 months sound also too much for me but I don't know about any similar case..
@alex, sending you big hugs and positive energy for your husband and you. You are a good team! Have you practiced mindfulness?It helps me a lot to manage my emotions and uncontrolled thoughts.

I hope time speeds up for all in TWW and more BFP are announced soon!

AFM waiting for O that should be in the following days! I am recovered from my neck pain but it took several days and visiting a physiotherapist to recover!! Have all a great day!

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4 years ago

Good morning everyone,

Welcome to all our new members,

@Burkette Yyessss mama!!!!! Congratulations

@agatch keep on advocating for yourself. You need that Clomid

@Shay yes it very sad for hubby. The good news is you are both on the same page now. And once you get that BFP hopefully this month, you will be extra happy together

@Alex keep on going.

@Emma I completely agree. I also have very long cycles and I conceived my baby on a very long one as well. So it is possible. I am sure you are glowing. How excited are you that you will be in your 3rd trimester during Winter?

AFM I have now a co teacher. My initial position was given to someone else and I know I am like the TA of the classroom. That was a slam in the face. It is taking everything for me not to leave but I have already built some strong relationship with my students and that would not be fair to them. I am just hoping that my salary has not been. Reduced neither. I am ordering pink ovulation stuff this month. I am losing weight slowly and will for real start working out this weekend. I am also going to try very hard to call Dr. Office this week. Stay positive everyone.

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4 years ago

Lalou I prefer the winter, I’m fat anyways so don’t like it too hot 18 weeks and seem to have a big bump, saw a friend this morning and she was surprised how far I was for the size bump I might get quite big this pregnancy, sorry about you being put as a TA but glad you still have those strong bonds with your students. I find it really important as I have 4 autistic sons and the younger one of them really needs those bonds to help him through the school day. It’s a amazing thing you do x

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4 years ago

@emma your bump looks great. Like you said your body might just know what to do by now. It's almost nice that it's obvious you're pregnant and not just in that "is she pregnant or is she bloated?" phase.
@russian ouch! I hope your ankle heals soon!
@lydia welcome! I have a longer cycle too, usually 30-34 days. This month is probably going to be 37 since I ovulated late. How long have you been trying? Do you have any little ones already?
@burkette congrats! Your tests look great! Try not to worry, it's out of your control. I know it's nerve wracking though.

4 years ago

@lydia welcome!! I usually have longer cycles as well about 36 days if I am lucky. Usually they are even longer than that.
@russian take it easy and rest that foot!!! Hope you get a BFP soon!!!
@emma you look great!! So exciting!!
@burkette that is amazing!!! I am so happy for you!!! Try to relax and just enjoy this time!! When are you scheduling you first appointment to confirm?
@lalou I am sorry you feel like a TA in your classroom. I am sure you are doing great and that your students love you!! Try to stay strong and remember that you are impacting your students’ lives for the better!!
@neisamar I hope shows up soon for you!! Keep the bding going!!!
@agatch thanks for the support. I am just tired and overwhelmed at the moment so everything is frustrating me.

AFM: The spotting is fading now. Barely able to see a tiny bit of light brown spotting now. I honestly wouldn’t see it if I didn’t check my cm. My temp had dropped some yesterday so I wasn’t so sure about everything. But it went right back up today!! Hoping that the spotting and slight temp dip are good signs!! I am dying to test as I am a POAS addict lol but I am trying to hold off till at least tomorrow or the weekend. I so want this to be our month as we have a trip planned in November to go to Disney land. I so want to be able to do announcement photos there as that is where we went on our honey moon!!! Trying not to get ahead of myself or get my hopes too high. This cycle has just been very odd for me and It is hard not to get your hopes up that this might be it!! I guess only time will tell!!

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4 years ago

@Alexplpl I have everything crossed for you getting your BFP this time
@kait you're right there is never a perfect time, but it will always work out
@neisamar good luck this cycle! Go catch that egg!
@Emma your bump
@shay I don't need to go and get it confirmed by my doctor apparently, I called to ask but they just said I can self refer to the midwives. I have booked a private scan for in a few weeks though to check things are looking good, and in the meantime I'll probably just keep testing like a crazy woman
Good luck to you, I hope you get your BFP!!

4 years ago

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